iPhone Regret Come Full Circle

So for the last couple of weeks, I've been sorta bummed that I didn't get an iPhone when I had the discount window of a two-year contract renewal. Instead I bought the latest iPhone "killer" <cough> Killer? If these two phones went head-to-head my phone would end up laying face down crying a puddle of urine iStreamed all over it from the new iPeeFreely app. A killer? I think not. Plus it carries the embarrassingly desperate name Samsung 'Eternity'. So there ya go.

I guess I didn't buy an iPhone due to a combination of stubborn PC loyalty and resentment at the Kool-Aid iKooks who swear nothing ever is wrong with their iPhone. Plus, I think different dammit! But as I poked around the dawn of the dead-esque AT&T MEdia Mall simply looking for a free radio station or something (anything) I can add to my phone for at least one line of defense-- I definitely started feeling like a phone loser. All that's available to me are genuine garbage games for like $7.99 or subscription based Facebook checkers for like $2.99 a month. Even stuff like Pandora is subscription only. Shazam too. Because there's no iTunes link. Even if I bought that stuff it would be inconveniently buried three clicks away on some unsortable menu listing.

But now I feel like I've turned a second corner on my phone! It's reliable totally which I like and texts well-- but on top of it I'm consciously appreciating the lack of an iphone distraction in my daily headspace. I'm not missing the inevitable love/hate obsession I'd have with my iPhone. Nor the activity of hitting the chronic on new apps daily-- slowly spiraling into a co-dependent relationship with an electronic attention fiend.

You know what I can do with my Samsung Eternity? Connect it via USB and throw a bunch of albums on it. I have a Bubble Pop Game that I play and like. I can browse and check my email via the internet browser which has never failed to connect. And if I want I can text and take photos (way better photos than the iphone. thank you.) and video or whatever. Pretty basic stuff. No big whoop. I've totally given up on the idea that the MEdia Mall will forever striving just to get to 1.0.

But I'm starting to think this kind of phone is the way to go for me. Sure, you can argue this is just me looking for a logical out for my buyers remorse (iPhones do look pretty friggin amazing to me no doubt)-- but I'm thinking its an honest belief that I don't need to hardwire another connection that whispers at me all day. And that I'll be mentally quieter with a nice basic phone that does everything I need it to... sparing me the neverending assault of what's next?

ok bye!


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