Mystery in the Liner

So I have a long black coat and since last winter one pocket has had a hole in it. I'd constantly accidentally put my keys or something in that pocket and feel them plunk down into the liner of the coat. Every time I'd do it I'd think that was the last time I'd do it. But sure enough day after day I'd put stuff in that pocket and it would fall down to the bottom of the coat and I'd have to fish it out of the liner all annoyed. 

Finally I got a really good idea. I have a dry cleaners literally like 5 doors down. I know this sounds crazy... but I took the coat there and asked the lady to fix the pocket. It was a nutty idea I know! And it took me like a year and a half to actually think of it -but I did it! 

I picked up my coat and for days I was strutting around with things safely in the pocket. All proud because I fixed a problem that has been nagging me all winter. Proud of my new fully functional coat. I felt adult by having it fixed. 

Anyway, while I was watching the dumb dumb Daredevil movie the other day I kept my coat on my lap. And I was just feeling the liner or whatever and all of a sudden I feel that there is something in there. Paper or something floating around in the liner. And I'm just like dangnabit! I done sealed up something in my frickin coat! I sat through the movie just feeling this paper through the liner. And I came to one conclusion. It felt like money. It just felt so money-ish. Uch. I thought 'what if it's a $20?' I had paid $8 for her to sew the thing up! 

So now the whole glee thing about the new pocket is all drained. Every time I sit down somewhere I feel at the paper. It's like an instant habit. I mean, am I supposed to just ignore it forever? There is a growing temptation for me to rip open the pocket again in the hopes that it's a $20. In which case I can bring the coat back and have her sew it up again and still make a $4 profit. And feel proud again. Curiosity satisfied too.

But if I ripped it open I know it would take me at least a year to bring the coat in again- and if it turns out to be only a single I'm gonna be triple-y pissed.

ok bye!