Hermit Crab Scare

So once a week or so I'm supposed to put my hermit crabs underwater. Someone gave me a hermit crab book and I read that 'dunking them' keeps their gills healthy and they like it and stuff. So once in a while I put water in a tupperware bowl thing and drop them in their pool for a little dip. Thing is, you're only supposed to leave them in there for like five minutes or so because they can drown if they can't get air.... I guess you can see where this is going...

Sure enough after I throw them in their pool, the phone rings- and I'm chatting it up. Then I go on to the computer and do this and that. Whatever. Like a half-hour goes by and I wander into the kitchen to get a pepsi twist and I hear something like a slight ticking noise. I turn to the tupperware on the table and see the two crabs with their little crab arms sticking out of the water. Trying to like climb out up the side then falling over. Drowning basically. I spring into action (insert action music here) and pull them out of the water and put them back in their gravel tank.

I watch them for a while and they looked up at me like, 'Dude... wtf...' I apologized to them (out loud) and gave them some food- so glad that I didn't have the guilt trip of drowned hermit crabs... Also glad because I didn't have to do like crab CPR (ccpr) or whatever- not only cause I don't know how but because even though they're my pets... they still totally gross me out.

ok bye!