Some Original Misfires

So on the walk back from dog park today I was thinking about some stuff I did in the past work-wise which umm... wernt right. 

Like the summer of my Junior year in college I wanted to get an internship at an advertising agency. I spent a couple days calling every agency in Manhattan asking if I could basically work for free. Most of the calls went unreturned but one small agency told me to come in for an interview. So I put on my blue blazers and grey slacks and headed on in. I don't remember the name of the firm but I do remember they had some aspect of Toyota as an account. Like the corporate Toyota brand or some small part.

I remember having a really good interview and was psyched. Slamdunked it totally. When I sat down to write my thank you note for some reason I got it in my head that I should be 'creative' about it. A lightbulb went on. I took out a stack of magazines and cut out letters--- and in friggin ransom note font I wrote something like,

'Thank you for meeting with me. I am hoping there is a place for me at Whatever Agency and I will not take no for an answer. You have one week to decide. - Todd'

Elmers glued letters on cardboard or something! I put that in a big 8x10 envelope and mailed it off! I seriously thought I was brilliant. To the point where I was locking myself in for a future job. Needless to say. Umm... not no.

I also thought about early on when I was trying to be newspaper cartoonist. I went through a phase where I was drawing really violent cartoons. One of the main characters was, 'Bob the Axe Murderer'. Put it that way. For some reason I thought that was a hole that needed filling in your Sunday Paper. Like they had cats and vikings and dogs and kids...  but no blood and gore??

Anyway, I sent around like 25 violent headchopping cartoons to all syndicates and newspapers-- and I remember writing in my cover letter (my cover letter!) that if the person reading this note doesn't publish my cartoons "I may go on a shooting spree and they don't want that guilt on their head." Basically threatening people-- but in my head it was 'creative' and 'funny'. Standing out or something...

Anyway, when I got back home I decided to dig up those old violent cartoons with the cover letter and scan it in today. I dove into my hallway boxes like a packrat lunatic and turned an orderly mess... into this mess:

Although I know they're in there somewhere... I haven't found em yet. I'll look again when I clean up and maybe throw some stuff away...

But I did dig up this way moldy old submission from way back called 'Simply Simon'! (which gathered up a nice pile of rejection letters). I scanned em in because I gotta throw it away. Mold everywhere. Mold grosses me out and I always think it's gonna make me turn green or give me bronchitis or something.

Anyway, here they are (I might have posted a few of these a while ago)! No fun cover letter with this batch...

ok bye!

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