The Chicken Bone-r

So whenever I order in chinese food I always get a small order of steamed chicken for Roscoe.

The routine is I sit on the couch and watch the TV and Roscoe sits there and waits for me to give him a little something something. He's pretty good about begging so I feel like he deserves to eat when I eat. He doesn't drool or get too greedy grabby. I chomp some then I'll feed him a piece of chicken now and then or whatever.

Anyway, last night I was watching Idol (damn you lil' rounds! i have $65 riding on you to make it to the top 3!) and I'm giving Roscoe his share of chicken and I look down and see that he's got a total full boner going! I almost gagged! Friggin red rocket?! For chicken? Dog boners are so gross. All glisteny and super disgusting. I'm making a disgust face as I sit here just typing about them.

Anyway, I'm like, 'Dude! You like chicken that much!? Jeezus! Put your friggin gross no-balls boner away!'

But he's all looking stupid like, 'What? What? Yeah I like chicken alot so what? I'm excited about it what...?!'

Ew. The end.

ok bye!

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