The White Boy's Overstep

I have a good amount of rap songs memorized front to back back to front. Alot of old school DMC-era stuff and a ton of Beastie Boys up through Hello Nasty forever remembered. Couple songs from PE's Fear of a Black Planet are locked in (Terrordome and Burn Hollywood Burn). Got some Ladies Love. A Tupac or two. Some Biggie. Good amount of Eminem, Dre, and Snoop. It was just a weird brain exercise I used to do that I haven't done in a while. To help keep my brain sticky. And having a library of rap is nice when I get bored in the shower or need 'impress' someone during long car rides or during a half-drunk voicemail message.

But over the past couple of years I've been slacking on keeping up with memorizing rap. Not sure if its me or hiphop that's been dragging its feet. I've dabbled a bit in some newer stuff but I find myself konking out after the first verse or whatever. Plus, I guess it's probably not the best use of my time nowadays to spend a couple hours playing 'Warrior' by Lloyd Banks over and over and over again until I can work my way straight through just so I can impress myself with my weakass MC skills...

Anyway, when I walk around town listening to music on shuffle I usually don't issues with singing out loud as long as the sidewalk isn't too busy. But with rap I'm more quiet about it because I feel like I don't have the right to rap down the street considering I'm a bald headed white guy walking along with fluffy dog (aka a walking rapping icon for the downfall of hiphop). But occasionally if I'm on my own I'll rap down the street if a song shuffles on that I know. All in all, I play it a little loose when it comes to being over-vocal with music in public.

Anyway again, today I was walking down the street and a song by Biggie shuffled on called 'Juicy'.
It's not a song that I know by heart but I can dabble in it here and there. Latch on to the end of verse or whatever. So I'm bopping along digging it and I pass by an outdoor cafe when this singalong part of the song goes 'And if you don't know, now you know, nigga...' comes on. And sure enough I got confused about who and where I was-- and totally went with the singalong! On that verse only! And I did cut that last word short when I caught myself going all n--but I think that may have made it worse. Super oops! Just that one line and it didn't even sound particularly rappish... Almost matter of factish.

Here tis FF 1:00 if you can't deal (NSFW):

I quickly shuffled past feeling crazy-- and shuffled my mp3 player to a safe whitebread singalong song-- where the only threat of me singing along is that I look like a regular douche... not some kind of wayward random racist crazy douche.

ok bye!

PS. Here's the good singalong song. It's been around for a bit but I like it lots still...

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