It's Over for Sirius XM

So I've been a Sirius radio subscriber for a few years now. It costs me $77 every six months. The only reason I subscribed is because of Howard Stern.

I've been listening to him pretty much nonstop since one afternoon back in like 1986. (when he first started at KROC in NYC he was on in afternoons). I remember staring at the radio that day amazed that there was someone on the radio talking to me directly and like not to my dad. And Howard has been good at Sirius too. I listen pretty much every morning at least for an hour or so. And throughout the day I listen to a few of the other Sirius stations and some of the talk stuff. I like Sirius enough to feel like it's worth it. But barely. Frankly, I could steal Howard off the net easy if I wanted to and just listen to Pandora for music but whatever. I'm being a nice guy and trying to go legit.

But over the past few weeks I've been having issues with my Sirius receiver. The broadcast is all choppy and I haven't been able to get a clear signal. Nothing here has changed for me. The receiver thing sits on my windowsill with clear sky above. I've fiddled with it but something is screwed. Something is broken. Either my receiver or their friggin satellite.

Today, I finally bit the bullet and picked up the phone and called Sirius to see what they could do. A (nice) customer service person got on the phone and I told them I thought my receiver was broken. She offered to sell me a new one. I told her I didn't want to buy a new one and asked if there was anything else they could do. (I figured they'd exchange it or something.) She asked me if I had a car and I said no. She told me there was nothing they could do. She told me to listen over the internet. I didn't wanna listen over the internet! I told her I was just gonna cancel Sirius (figuring that would force her to hook me up with something). A free month or two to not cancel? Maybe send a refurb replacement receiver? Discount off a new receiver? Discount off subscription? T-shirt? Anything?

The only thing she offered me was a free month of internet access to listen online--- if I cancelled. I was literally stunned. I told her I was definitely cancelling figuring this was a bluff. She told me I could be credited for whatever money was left on the subscription. She wasn't bluffing. She was ready to check the box that said 'Cancel'.

WTF! Here's a company that's drowning like a friggin suit of armor speedo and they were letting a 3-year bread and butter subscriber cancel because of a wonky tech issue--- just waltz out the door! No effort to stop me! There was no safety net in place! For a hundred and friggin forty five dollar a year subscription-- I couldn't believe it...

Call up a credit card company to cancel and they'll drop to their knees begging you to hold onto their card. Try and shut off HBO and the cable company probably will hook you up or offer some sort of deal. Everyone is desperately trying to hold on to stuff these days. But me threatening to cancel Sirius? Nada.

There is nothing in place over there to make sure they don't lose more subscribers...

That's a clear bell signal from a company that it most likely has already lost the good fight.

Apologies and good vibes to all people still hanging in there over there...

ok bye!


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