Caught Looking Crazy

So yesterday I had stayed inside for most of the day but pulled myself together late afternoon to take a walk around the block. I just had to get out. But I didn't really get changed to go outside. I basically put on my long black coat and boots and headed out the door.

When I'm hanging around the house I really don't care what I wear of course. Yesterday, I was wearing a t-shirt and turquoise blue sweatpants that have perma-stains (originally bought without concern for color because they were on sale and they were 'house pants'). Also I got a haircut the day before. And when I get my haircut I get it razored all the way around so it's just stubbley around my head. But I haven't shaved my face in like five or six days so I had the beard sorta goin with the closely shaved bald melonhead. I also brought my mp3 player and headphones for the walk. And sometimes while walking down the street listening to music I sing a little bit sort of low or just mouth words.

Anyway I'm walking literally around the block and singing/mumbling. Happy to be outside. Feeling really good. And I hear over my headphones, 'Todd?' And I'm stopped by this married couple that I'm friendly with but don't see that often at all. Usually when I see them it's like a party and I'm dressed up and clean shaven and looking normal.  I took my headphones off and started talking and watched them do the social math in their head. Looking at me sort of up and down. Noticing the horrible dirty sweatpants and boots. T-shirt under the winter coat. Looking and my beard but bald head. I'm pretty sure they saw me mouthing words. They had some looks of concern. And when they asked where I was headed I told them that I was 'just walking around...' They were like half-smiling and looking at me and like looking at each other.

Then after the awkward conversation I put my headphones back on and headed down the street sure that they were staring at my back and whispering concerns.

Eh. Sometimes you gotta pay a price to feel good...

ok bye!