The Simple Pleasure of a Busted Hipster

So yesterday I went to this local coffee place that's sort of a hipster scene. I don't go there too often but I half-like it when I do. The music is all 'cool' and b-sidey. The furniture looks like it was made in a local woodshop and untreated. It's got random antiquey stuff all over. And lots of 'good looking' people type away on their Macs appreciating that the place is cool enough to not care if you sit there all day long soaking up their WiFi.

Anyway, I was meeting a friend there so I chained up Roscoe outside to a planter (I always keep an eye on him don't worry) and headed inside to order an iced coffay. While I'm waiting for my coffee I noticed some hipster dude and his girlfriend waiting for something else. Cappuccinos or whatever. The hipster guy was wearing a wrinkly button down shirt over a random t-shirt from some random place. The uniform of sorts etc. All of a sudden counter dude said to the guy, 'No way! Band Box Diner!' Hipster dude looked down at his Band Box Diner t-shirt and said, 'Oh... Oh yeah...' The girlfriend gave hipster a guy a nervous look.

Counter guy said, 'I grew up in Minnesota! When were you at Band Box?' Hipster dude mumbled, 'Oh... this?... Well, this was just a gift...' There was silence. Dude behind the counter said, 'Oh...' and gave the guy a disapproving up down look for the guy's inauthentic hipster poseur shirt. The guy's girlfriend also gave him a look like, 'Uch...Look at you! You busted hipster looking all stupid with your stupid shirt! So busted!'

Busted hipster dude sadly closed his wrinkled button down shirt a little-- like a chick who all of a sudden got embarrassed for showing too much cleavage. And I think everyone within earshot took some satisfaction in the outing-- but all were probably mentally sifting through their dresser drawers making mental notes to flag similar threats.

(And perhaps were even slightly annoyed at the counter guy for overstepping hipster code by asking about the origin of a random t-shirt in the first place...)

ok bye!


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