20 Reasons Why I Don't Fit in LA

So I was away for a week out in LA trying to do stuff. I think it went ok to pretty good. Who knows. I won't know stuff about anything for a few weeks.

Anyway, apologies for my slackery round these parts for the past week or so. Getting back on the stick this week site-wise.

Here's 20 reasons why I'll never be comfortable in LA (in no particular order).

20. I'm way too hairy.

19. I don't like talking about myself.

18. I like tall buildings.

17. I am still capable of walking smack into a glass door in front of everyone.

16. I don't know how to play it off when I do or say something stupid.

15. I sweat on my head when I get nervous.

14. I always forget a face.

13. I don't have any tattoos. Nor own sunglasses.

12. I have no sense of direction and go crazy in traffic.

11. My dog wouldn't like it because it's too hot for him.

10. I don't like lying in the sun, lying on the beach, or lying.

9. It makes me feel like I should be a cigarette smoker.

8. If I took a class in networking I'd take it Pass/Fail and fail.

7. I don't have any hair on my head and don't plan to change that.

6. I'll proudly wear crocs and actually think they're cool in some 'ballsy geek chic' way.

5. I don't like seeing big mansion houses because they make me weirdly sad. And not because I want one.

4. Too much seems to be a processed process.

3. No matter what jeans I wear-- they won't be right. Because if I'm wearing em. They ain't right.

2. When people are nice to me I'm not sure if they're mocking being nice.

1. I haven't figured out a way to extract a million dollars from the place yet...

ok bye!


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