The DVD Player Disaster

So back in November I decided to finally get a new DVD player as a holiday gift for myself. I've been limping along with this 50/50 split VHS/DVD recorder (btw never once did I get it to transfer a VHS tape to DVD because of the confusing +/- DVD R+ - CDR RW bullshit). Not one VHS tape got copied ever! But it's been my DVD player...

Needless to say that combo player sucked as a standalone DVD player so I went in on a fancy grownup style LG Blue-Ray that had a coolio ethernet cord hookup to NetFlix for instant movies! (which for the most part are too grainy for big tv and has bad sound. Yet another form of technology that is cool to show people but in reality-- pretty worthless. Just like iPhone apps and other stuff. So I'm gonna officially coin a term for crap technology that's only good for showing off to other people. 'Woot-ware'. There.)

Anyway, 6 months later my DVD player starts skipping and freezing alot while playing movies. At first I got mad at NetFlix for sending me these used up scratched discs that don't even play right. But soon enough I started to notice a pattern. All DVDs were skipping. And yesterday was the last skipping straw! Too much freezy skippy! I had to accept the fact that my fancy DVD player was a POS on the fritz...

I call up Amazon and was like, 'WTF Amazonians! This fancy DVD player you sold me sucks!' They said they had a 30-day return policy and told me to go f--k myself-- And to call LG. So I called up LG and some guy told me I needed to run a DVD cleaner in the machine and if that doesn't work to send it back to them. They had a 90-day guarantee which was long past. It would cost me $69.00 to return for them to fix-- plus shipping. (Only 90-days? Way to stand by your LG--arbage...)

Anyway, I hung up on that guy and decided to take matters into my own hands. I grabbed my dust cleaner spray and decided to blast air inside the DVD player to maybe clean off the lens or whatever was going on in there. I blast air to the left. And blast air to the right. And stick the straw thing in there and spray more. Deep inside. Then I turn the can on its side and spray more-- totally forgetting the fact that when you turn dust cleaner on its side it squirts out the mystery liquid that's inside the can. High pressure style. Basically I blasted the whole inside of the machine with whatever ice liquid is in that thing. A good couple seconds of solid spraydom.

And after letting it dry out I tried another disc. No dice. It won't read anything anymore. I frown on my stupidness. It's officially broken.

So here are my choices at this point.

Please vote:

DVD Options
What should I do about my broken DVD player?

Accept it sucks. Buy a cheap new one.
Send it to LG (pay $69) and have them fix it.
Go to Circuit City. Buy the same one. Switch the broken one for the new one.
Return the recent purchase. (cheesy tactic I know)
Take it apart and see if you can fix it yourself.
Complain more to Amazon or LG and see what happens.
Whatever. You're a dope.

ok bye!


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