The Goop on the Platform

Yesterday I was waiting for a subway and alot of times when I'm on the platform I'll try to study the big subway map to see where the trains go. Because even though I've lived in NYC for years I still don't really 'know' the subway all that well. So I'll look at the map and follow the routes around and pass the time or whatever. For some reason I can never remember which trains go where. I know the ones essential to me but not the others.

Anyway, on the ground next to the map I saw this like goopy splatter on the ground. I couldn't really tell what it was but it was gross. I was glad I hadn't stepped in it. It looked kind of like someone threw a big splut of caramel on the ground or something. I looked at it for a while and couldn't really figure out what it was. In my head I went, 'Hmm... goop.'

The train was taking a while so I paced around and and looked at the ads on the wall. And every time I'd walk past the goop on the ground I'd look at it and try and figure out what it was. I wasn't all that curious. It just looked weird. And gross. I must have walked past the goop like 10x in my pacing around. Then I went back to looking at the map and stared at it wondering why I can't get the routes to stick in my head.

Finally the train pulls up and I turn and step right in the frickin goop by accident. Splut. Like a friggin dope. I guess the ten minutes I spent staring at the goop wasn't enough of an advanced warning for me not to step right in it. At least I found out what the texture was like. It was sticky. Really sticky goop.  And as I rubbed my foot on the subway floor hoping to get the goopy goop off my shoe I realized something- if I can't remember that there's goopy goop on the ground right frickin next to me-- the chances of me remembering the routes on the subway map are probably a long shot.

ok bye!