New Ball Chair Thingee

So I have issues with my posture.

I've always been sort of extra slouchy and stuff. Maybe cause I'm tall or whatever. And it's always something that I've been wanting to change. I've tried a bunch of different things to try and fix it. Mental reminders by wearing a rubberband on my wrist. Standing against a wall for a while to build up muscles or whatever. I've even bought underwear type clothing to help with stuff.

I took a picture of me wearing my 'Lumber Wear'. It helps posture but it feels a little uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Plus, it looks weird. Here's a photo of me wearing it...

Anyway, the other day I get fed up with my stupid posture and took action by buying one of these ball chair thingees.

The thing I was concerned about is it would be one of those things I buy and I regret buying it because I never use it and it'll sits in the corner staring at me and calling me stupid for wasting monay and stuff. But I gotta tell ya-- I've been sitting on this thing at my desk for like 4 days now and I'm not even sick of yet! In fact I like it! It forces me to sit up straight! Like it's not comfortable to slouch in it so it keeps reminding me to sit up straight! Plus, it's fun to bounce and wiggle to music while sitting on it!

Yah I know it's silly looking and looks ridiculous-- but whatever. I think it's actually helping!

So this here is a straight out product recommendation for all slouchers! Try it out! Not that expensive! Do it up!

ok bye!

PS. Just kidding about wearing the weird underwear. I just photoshopped it onto a picture of me...

PPS. This is the 900th What's Happening! #900!

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