Couple Customer Honesty Questions

1. A pet shop in the neighborhood recently closed. I sort of liked going in there-- but it was 'fancy' dog stuff. So it wasn't my kind of store because my dog doesn't wear clothes or whatever. But it was always fun to poke around in there and see what nutty dog people buy. And I'd usually leave with a little something something. Treats or whatever. Problem was the owner of the shop had a mean yappy dog that would always get in Roscoe's face and yap at him as soon as we walked in the door. Like a little guard dog. Roscoe hates barking in his face. It's his least favorite thing. The pet store owner would always announce that her dog is harmless-- and would sometimes put the dog in the back when it would act up too much.

But at some point Roscoe stopped wanting to go in there. Even though he got yummy treats inside! He knew it was the place where the dog would yap in his face and eventually was like, 'Screw that place...'. He would slam on the brakes and refuse to go near it. So eventually I was like, 'Screw that place...' too! The yappy dog had to be a pretty severe deterrent if Roscoe was saying no. I mean this is coming from a dog who'll still happily walk into the vet's office where he had his nuts taken off and tooth yanked out of his head.... all bygones-- just for the treats.

For a while I thought I'd let her know that her yappy dog is making me not go in there. And that it might be happening with other people as well. To give her a tip to help her business. Maybe keep the dog in the back. But I never did. I felt like it was her business... And now that business is done.

Should I have said something? It wasn't like I was a serious customer but I gotta believe other dogs were saying 'screw that place...'


2. Someone I kinda sorta know from dog park recently opened a restaurant in the city. For months we'd get the update on the restaurant while we watched the dogs run around. Sounded good. When it finally opened I decided to support it. The food was kinda good. Hit or miss. When it hit it was way good but the misses were pretty big. The steak was a tough piece of meat with like gross tendons inside or whatever keeps you from cutting through it. Almost inedible. In another situation I may have sent it back. But I felt weird about it. At the end of the meal, he was nice and sent out desserts and stuff. He said hello and was obviously way excited about his business. It was new and crowded.

The next time I saw him at dog park he asked what I thought. I told him everything was great. I felt he wasn't a close enough friend to let him know what I really thought. Like it would have made me feel like a dick. Plus, I didn't want to get into it or hurt his enthusiasm. And maybe it was a fluke steak? Maybe?

But I kind of regret not being honest there too. In retrospect it would be helping to let him know-- and I chickened out...

Or I should have ordered the chicken.

ok bye!


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