Geeked Out and Dorked Out

So today I was in the city walking down the street and I did something I rarely do. Text while walking.

I was in midtown and someone texted me and I started thumbing away a response on my Samsung Eternity (yeah f-u it's non-iPhone-- but the battery life kicks ass so suck it iPhone dead-fone dweebs with your lame-o zippo app...) Anyway, I should know better than walking and texting because I can't walk and chew gum at the same time-- and that takes up 1/100th of the mental space compared to the walk and text. Plus recently I heard the hilarious story of the girl who fell down a manhole while texting. (Actually maybe I shouldn't say 'hilarious' because I don't really know the whole story... she didn't die or something did she? If she did-- I take back the 'hilarious' part).

Anyway again, there I go walking/texting along (I stayed close to the wall to avoid weaving)--- crowded sidewalk middle of the day middle of the week business people everywhere walking about etc-- and I walked full blast foot swoop into some stupid concrete block that was sticking out from the wall. Never saw it. I hurt so bad I heard it in my ears. My leisure crocs (seen below) barely provided any toe protection from the stubbing and I went stumbling wildly sideways off balance-- arms wide like a gorky bird and straight into a group of people heading toward me. I actually touched people on my stumble who all scattered to get out of the way. I didn't go down tho. But they saw exactly what happened. They knew it was a dorky texting mishap-- which brought chime-in mockery from all sides.

'Whoa! Gotta watch those concrete blocks, dude... they sneak up on you...' (ha ha) And 'Maybe save the texting for when you get home, bro...'

Plus, a girl uch-ed me. Or maybe that was for my crocs...

So the moral of the story is-- no texting while moving! At all!

Best case scenario you end up with a near broken toe and humiliation-- worst case you end up like a dorked out Baby Jessica texting 'Help me pls!!!!' with one precious bar of signal...

ok bye!


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