Three Questions for Today

Question #1:

Today, I saw some dude today walking two children on harnesses. Both kids were basically on separate leashes and he was holding both leashes in one hand. I walked past them with Roscoe and it was a strange feeling. Roscoe looked at the kids. I looked at the guy. It was awkward all around. Usually if I see the rare kid on a harness thing it's just one kid. And I usually assume the kid is a runner or like Simon who does drawings or whatever. But this was the first time I saw two kids together walking all harnessed.  The kids looked different ages (5? and 7?) and they didn't seem unhappy about it-- but two kids on harnesses definitely gave the dad a 'dog walker' look.

I'm not a parent and I don't know what the rules are (or if the harness thing is thumbs up or thumbs down in parent world) but I get the feeling once if some dad dude has both kids on harnesses-- the problem ain't with the kids...True or False?

Question #2:

I've been hearing alot of talk about the deficit and 'national debt' and whatever. How it's gonna be two trillion or ten trillion and by 2020 it'll be 780 sucksillion! Or whatever. My question is... Does anyone really care what the national debt is? I assume economists and numbers people probably have realistic concerns because they get the seriousness and they know what the numbers mean-- but average person complaining about ten trillion dollars of national debt? I'm supposed to buy that? What's the difference? A trillion here or trillion there?

Don't get me wrong-- I'm against spending stupid money of course. And government waste. It makes me nuts when I hear the government buying $1000 toilet seats or whatever. But it's not the debt part that's annoying. It's the spending. Would these people 'concerned about debt' be happier if it was five trillion? Or three? Passion about stupid spending can be real-- but am I really supposed to believe some average person stays up at night worrying about the national debt in the same way people worry about personal debt?

Question #3:

There's a manicure place near by me called 'Dashing Diva' and I was talking to this chick recently about Dashing Diva and asked if she ever went in there. She told me she's been in there a bunch of times because they do a good job and they serve Cosmos and stuff. I was like, 'Wait. They do what? They serve drinks?' She told me that they're not all open about it but sometimes they're serve a round or two of wine or Cosmos. I was like, 'What?!'

So my question with this is... Are all these spa/manicure type places serving up booze on the downlow all the time? And chicks don't want to talk about it because they don't wanna ruin it for everyone else? Or end up seeing drunk dudes crashing their relaxation parties because there's free booze?

ok bye!


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