I Saw Ethan Hawke

I went to meet a friend of mine in lowerish midtown and he was getting his mac fixed at this mac service place called TekServe. So we met there. I got a little taste of the mac community. It was definitely a different vibe buzzy hippie nerdilycool everyone all macked out and stuff. I've never really used a mac before for more than like 10 minutes. No company I ever worked for was on mac. My first computer was an Apple II Plus but since then I've been in PC land.

I played around with the macs they had out. Macs are different. The X to close windows is on the left (weird!) and the menu thing is all spinny and bloopy kind of. The interface was friendly but I got confused and didn't really get it totally. My website looked all messed up on it. Sorry mac people. I didn't know...

Just being in there made me want to totally have a mac. Because they look cool.  But then I started looking around and seeing all these people in there with broken macs. Dudes were schlepping in their big rasberry computers and stuff and the place was really busy. Which made me wonder about macs. If they're all so stable.. why the hell was this place so busy?

Not that my PC is any dream. I'm scared of Microsoft. I get crashes. I get weird errors. But when my pc breaks I don't have to actually physically carry it anywhere. And it's cool for games and stuff. I'm still at a pretty basic level of graphics so I'm not sure I'm going to make the switch anytime soon. Besides the fact that I don't have money for a new computer- it seems kind of like a hassle...yeah... oh wait. What the hell was all this all about? Oh! ..

I saw Ethan Hawke in the TekServe place. He was wearing a hat and sitting down having like a mac consultation with one of the techies there. So I went up to him and interrupted and said, 'Hello Ethan Hawke!' He said, 'Hello.' And went back to what he was doing. Then I said, 'I have a two-part question for you, Ethan Hawke.' And he turned to me kind of annoyed and said, 'Yes?' I said, 'Do you get bothered by annoying questions, Ethan Hawke AND do you get annoyed when people call you by your first and last name 'Ethan... Hawke', Ethan Hawke?' He turned around and ignored me at that point. Dick. ....

Ok. I didn't really do that but I really did see Ethan Hawke. He was sitting there just going over computer stuff like he was a normal person or something.

ok bye!