Good Deed Gone Bad

So a couple of weeks ago I was riding in a taxicab-- and any time I get out of a cab I do this thing where I check the seat before I shut the door. To make sure nothing fell out of my pockets or whatever. It took me long enough to finally get into this habit. After losing keys, wallet, and phones... the paranoia finally sunk in and now I'm all OCD about the doublecheck.  Anyway, this time on the seat and see something that fell out of someone else's pocket. A key to an Audi. One of those switchblade style box things.

My brain had a quick argument that went like this:

"Sucks for that guy! Oh well..."

"Wait! Take it! Be a good person! You know they're probably panicking out!"

"Do you really want to deal with the hassle of getting someone's key back?"

"Hurry! Decide! The cabbie wants to drive away!"

"Screw it! You're gonna be running around all day today! You don't need this right now! If it was a cellphone-- fine. But a key is a pain!"

"Take it! It's good karma! Take the key! There's probably a number to call on it somewhere!"

"Fine! Fine! I'll take the stupid key!"

I snatch the key and shut the door. Took responsibility to be a good guy. I flip open the key and see what info is in there. Nothing good. No magic phone number. No instructions. No 'just drop it in a mailbox' easy-out. Just some long serial number or whatever. I throw the key in my bag and decide to deal with it when I get home.

Cut to two weeks later:

Over the weekend I decided to clean all the junk out my bag (man sack or satchel or whatever). The loose change. The pens. The batteries. The whatevers. Papers. Receipts. And I find this weird boxy thing hanging out in the back corner. I was like wtf is this... uhh.... then of course I was like, 'Oh no! The Audi key! My good deed! Totally ruined! The proof was in my hand!'

I totally spaced on being a good guy with my good deed-- and instead I probably did a bad deed because the key was definitely better off in the cab waiting to find a responsible good Samaritan than bouncing around in my bag for the past couple of weeks...

Then the question becomes... well now what do I do with it? Should I still call Audi and let them know I have it? What if they tell me to drop it off somewhere in Manhattan? That's a pain for me especially for a good deed that's probably mooted. I gotta imagine this problem has sorted itself out by now. Two weeks have gone by! No? I can't imagine he's (yes, or she) is still looking for it. So if it's now worthless--- do I just chuck it in the garbage? That doesn't seem right. Throw it in a drawer forever? Maybe. Or I guess I could bring it with me and leave it in a cab to sort of pay it forward-- backwards. I dunno.

So sorry Audi owner person that your lost key didn't find its way into more capable hands-- but it's the thought that counts....ummm...  right? Karma police?

ok bye!



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