Three Teacher Tales


So here's a quick uncomfortable story bout one teacher. Back in 7th grade there was a gym teacher who was like super gym man. Let's call him Mr. Louie. He coached the teams. He made the big athletic decisions. He was all Mr. Gym or whatever. Very typical gym coach sort of guy too. Beard, kind of fat-- but still in shape, if that makes sense. Sort of barrely or whatever. I remember him as being a nice guy but weird. Like you got the feeling you could hurt his feelings if you wanted to. He wanted to be liked a little too much etc.

Anyway, after gym class we'd all take showers or whatever and be changing to get back to class and Mr. Louie, like clockwork, would come into the locker room and he'd zero in on this one kid. Let's call him Bobby. He'd be like, "Bahhbbeee...' (Bobby would be in his underwear or a towel). He'd only call for Bobby when Bobby was almost naked. Then he'd go over and start tickling him like all aggressively. Bobby would be laughing and we'd all sort of be laughing (half-laughing) It was definitely awk-ward. But in 7th grade it's hard to decide what's weird or inappropriate. And yeah there was probably a side of us that was like, 'Hey! Why does Bobby get all the tickles! What gives!'

But I know we all sort of knew something was wrong on some level. We just didn't know why. And it wasn't wrong enough to do anything about it or even talk about to each other.

(Years later he was fired...)


I had a science teacher who had some problems. Let's call him Mr. Ooperopper. He was one of those teachers for whatever reason always sort of lost control of his class immediately. Like dudes would constantly disrespect and interrupt-- and people would sort of yell out jokes and stuff. I remember it was really easy to cheat in his class too. Cool smart kids would pass around 'crib sheets' that would be thrown around the room. Everyone did well on the multiple choice tests or whatever.

Occasionally it would get to the point where full-on conversations would break out. Like the disrespect was at a level where people were blatantly not paying attention and talking in a normal voice during class. Not even whispering. Laughing full laughs the whole deal. I admit I probably was one of the chatters (but everyone was doing it!) And then all of sudden (this happened a few times actually) there would be this <CRASH!> at the front of the room. And everyone would shut up and we'd look up to the front of the room and see that Mr. Ooperropper friggin just smashed a beaker into the science lab sink (again). Like threw it in there for maximum smash effect. Everyone would be like silently looking at him. And we'd all watch the red color drain from his face. Then he'd go back to teaching and we'd all be quiet-- til the next day.


Third is a teacher who I remember as being like unstable. Let's call her Miss Frintman. Miss Frintman only lasted like a half-year in high school. Every day she'd show up in class looking like she was just in a fight or assaulted. Her makeup would be sort of crooked. Sometimes her skirt would be turned around to the point where the zipper on the side was in the front. And her blouse would be sort of hanging out. Hair crazy in every direction. Etc. I felt bad for her because something wernt right. And if there was a loud noise like when someone dropped a book flat on the ground-- she'd jump. Her writing would go crooked on the blackboard too. Plus, she spoke softly and the people in the back couldn't hear her at all. And it wouldn'ta mattered anyway because she was such a deshelveled trainwreck that you couldn't pay attention anyway. I just remember staring at her being like, 'Why doesn't she straighten her skirt!? Why doesn't she comb her hair?! Tuck in your blouse!

Rumor had it that on St. Patties Day she wore wearing a 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' button and one of the football player dudes like kissed her or something and she left the school and never came back.

ok bye!


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