Babble About Dated Technology Effects

Flash bulb pops. Phone cradle hang-up noise. TV channel change static bursts. Typewriter clacks spelling out onscreen text. Camera shutter noise/film advance etc etc-- all of those noise and fx are still used in TV and movies-- but eventually will only exist pretty much in fictional worlds. They're still common in entertainment even though we don't see alot of em in reality anymore. It's like they've permanently attached themselves to drama because things have gotten too quiet in reality.

Like when someone in the movies flips channels (news reports of zombies attacking or whatever) there's a quick <doof><doof> of static on the flips. And telephone hang-ups are usually still audible ("You have 24 hours!" <Clkclick!> followed by a dialtonneeee...) When is the last time you heard a dialtone after being hung up on? Flashbulbs still make noise when someone takes a picture at a crime scene. And it all makes sense to us now because most of us have had hands-on experience with that stuff. We accept the usage because we get the references from experience-- even though they're dated.

But kids growing up now will have no hands-on references for those things. There are kids walking around right now who maybe have never hung up a phone old-school style. Only beeped off. They've never heard a flashbulb pop. Or used a typewriter. It's weird to me that eventually those sound effects may detach from their original source. Like 25 years from now if they spell something out onscreen typewriter style-- PENTAGON 3:40 AM or whatever... Will the idea that that noise is a typewriter still register? Or would just evolve into some kind of audible font? How long can those sound effects stay attached to their origin? Will a kid eventually say, 'Mommy, why do those flashbulbs make noise?' Or can the flashbulb pop attach itself to their new form in fictional worlds and continue to exist just for effect-- and be unquestioned?

Maybe the association to the origin can be passed down from generation to generation in some way. Almost like an entertainment based genetic mapping. Maybe flashbulbs will pop forever? Maybe channel flipping always be noisy inbetween? And maybe the kidnapper hangs up the phone it will always be followed by <clikclick> then long dialtoneeeeeee.......

I dunno.

Also who cares?

I dunno that neither.

ok bye!


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