Boycotting Bad Videos Due to Potential Side Effects

I have sort of a bad habit. I watch bad or disturbing videos on the net too often. Probably I see one a day on average.

Violent videos. Mean brawl videos. Gross-out videos. Girl fights. Accident videos. Drunk dopes. Whatever. I don't really actively seek them out-- but they're popping up all over the place! And if I see a link that says, 'Dude totally snaps his arm in half while skateboarding!!!' I'll click it. "WARNING GROSS: BOT FLY IN EYEBALL!" I'll click it. "PWNED!!! Man gets mushed by truck like pancake!!! OUCH!" That I gotta see...

Sometimes I'll gag. Sometimes I'll feel sad. Sometimes I'll cringe. Sometimes I'll be angry. But irregardless (lol just poking you grammar police people) I never feel good after I watch a bad video. It will temporarily change my mood for the worse in some way--- and for how long? There's never an cheery upswing tick after seeing some dude cartwheel in the air after being clipped by a car.

I'm wondering if it slowly chips at my overall mood. Like, if I watch one disturbing video every day-- is that actually cootifying up a core goodness or happy mood that would be uncorrupted otherwise? Is there a slight depressing aftertaste when I head outside and walk around? Or am slightly more paranoid that I would be otherwise? More nervous?

I don't know. Maybe not. Maybe there are no long-term side effects. But I think I gotta start curbing my ease of click to see something horrible. It's a modern convenience that is probably totally unnecessary. I gotta imagine watching horrible stuff at my leisure is doing nobody any favors-- especially the person in the video.

ok bye!


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