Naked Neighbor at the Y

So over the summer I joined the local YMCA to like get my shape under control and feel healthy or whatever. I've been in a pretty good routine of going 2-3 times a week. I do the same thing every time. 30-45 minutes on the elliptical machine. No weights. No other exercise. Just elliptical. (When I first started going I was swimming in the pool but it got crowded and I felt weird about it after I kicked some old lady crosslane during a sidestroke. So now it's just elliptical. Every day.)  After the elliptical I sit for 10 minutes in the steam room. I like steaming.

Anyway, because I was never a 'jock' or whatever it's weird for me to see dudes like walking around all naked and stuff in a locker room. Some guys towel wrap. Other dudes shamelessly hang out naked-- total dick out. I'm sort of like, 'Really? No towel, dude? Nothing? Why?' And when some dude walks into the steam room naked I'm like, 'Really dude? Naked full blast? Why is it better to sit in this steam room naked? Your bare ass on the weird seats? How does that not gross you out? Don't you want the illusion of some sort of barrier to the disgustingness?' But I guess I'm just uptight about it.

Whatever. Yesterday after steaming for 10 minutes I head on out. I swing the door open and there's this big naked guy standing there about to come in. I was like, "Ah! Big naked guy! Penis!" Then I see it's this neighbor guy who lives around the corner from me. I've known this guy for years. I have nice pleasant neighborhoody conversations when I walk my dog. We talk about neighborhoody stuff. I can see his backyard out my back window.

We looked each other in the face and I was like, 'Hey... How's it goin?' He shot me a look like, 'Don't talk to me while I'm naked, jerk.' And just walked past me.

I was embarrassed. I felt like maybe I broke some sort of neighbor/nakedness protocol. Maybe a head nod of acknowledgment would have been fine. I didn't have to go in on the same sort of conversational hello as I would on the street if he wernt naked.

In any case, I was glad that I was walking out of the steam room as he was walking in because if he walked in all naked and sat down-- it definitely would not have been a relaxing situation. Call me uptight or whatever. I see no reason why I should know what his penis looks like. But you know what? It probably wouldn't have been awkward at all if he wasn't friggin naked dick out!

ok bye!

PS. btw I listen to action packed and or dance-y and or pump you up music while I do ellpitical. If you have any suggestions for songs to throw into the workout mix-- please post em below

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