Question About Skunkhead

Back in summer camp days there was this kid who was known as 'Skunkhead' but if you were smart--- you never called him 'Skunkhead!' to his face.

Let's call this kid 'Mikey'. There were two things that wernt right about Mikey:

1. He had brown hair except for a big patch of white hair on the top of his head. Thus the appropriate nickname.

2. He had anger management problems.

The thing about it was if you saw Mikey and was feeling particulary dickish. Or ballsy. Or jerkish. Or whatever. You'd call out 'Hey! Skunkhead!!' Mikey would go into a zero to 60 red faced rage. Immediately looking to attack and pummel whoever called out Skunkhead. Attacking full blast. If it came from a group of people he would attack the whole group. Just being associated with the taunt was asking for trouble. Fist flailing wilding that was going for maximum damage. Mikey was like a crazed monkey when set off.

I remember feeling bad for Mikey. Not only because he had to walk around with his weird white patch-- but because he could be set off so easily. At times it was even a game for some ballsy kid. He'd yell, 'Hey Skunkhead!' then run away-- and Mikey would chase him around screaming-- set to destroy. And if the name caller was faster than Mikey it was always a sad sight because the Skunkhead taunts would continue mixed in with the desperate chase.

Year after year Mikey would go to camp. And year after year he was known as skunkhead. And would have his Skunkheaded rages.

Anyway, here's the question:

Should his parents have dyed his hair all brown? Got rid of the white?

On one hand I could see why it would be a good thing. Obviously the kid had a big issue on top of the issue-- and maybe changing the dynamic would change the issue? But would dyeing the hair of an 11 year old boy be worse? Would it be admitting there's something wrong with him in his natural god-given state? Would the kids be worse about it if he went and changed it up? Plus, you could never expose the white roots because kids would be all over it. Talking bout how he can run but he can't hide from his skunkheadedness... etc. So there would be maintence there...

I dunno. I could see both sides. The one thing I could never see tho... was why yelling "Hey Skunkhead!" was ever worth the risk.

ok bye!


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