Roscoe Lassied Shower Situation

So I've been having issues with my shower (btw I ended up buying the Subway Map showercurtain because that prongy one was just too not right).

Here's the new one:

Nice! Anyway, the issue that I have with my terrible shower is that it's too narrow and the pipe just sticks out of the wall a little bit--- see?

So any normal showerhead will spray straight over my head.

Like this:

Anyway, for a long time I've had the same showerhead (one with a hose extension thingee). And it was coolio because when it was in the holder I was able to angle the thing spray down over my head. It was like a balancing thing that somehow worked. And I like using the hose part for my undercarriage. But recently I had to throw my old showerhead away because it was gross (I read on the interweb that you shouldn't use a gross showerhead). 

And I got the same kind of showerhead as a replacement. But my new showerhead won't do the balancing in the holder thing and I can't get it to spray down over of my head.

It goes like this:

That angle will basically spray water directly at my face. No good. (btw The electric tape is the remnant of an hour-long failed attempt to try and tape it at an overheaded angle).

Anyyywayyy, it takes the water in my shower a little while to warm up. And in the past I've let the showerhead just hang down by the hose as it warms up. My old showerhead would spray directly into the corner of my shower and there was not splatter everywhere situation. I wouldn't even close the curtain while it warmed up. And last night with my new showerhead I turned it on and walked away (as per usual) and went on the computer. A minute later Roscoe comes over and starts barking at me. I tell him to shut up but he kept barking. I was like, 'Roscoe you can bark at me later! No barks!' But he kept barking...

I got pissed and was like seriously dude? I'm not engaging this bark session right now! He kept barking. (I know the look when he has to pee. He just stares at me and grumbles. This was a playful style bark.) He kept barking. I told him to shut up. No shut up. So finally, after a few minutes of barking I'm like, 'WHAT ROSCOE!?' And I look into the other room and see a small river running along my wood floor. I run over and see that my new showerhead has turned itself face out-- and is spraying totally outside of my shower. Full blast water all over the bathroom wall and floor. The water was friggin cascading out of my bathroom into my living room.

I was like, "Holy shit!!! Fuck! Holy shit!" For the past five minutes I had been sitting at my computer with the shower blasting full blast into the whole bathroom! Yelling at my dog who apparently is smarter than me...

Anyway, I shut it off and got out the towels and started mopping stuff up-- double angry because my new showerhead is such a pain in the ass-- and triple pissed because while I was flopping around wet towels sopping up my river-- I could feel Roscoe looking at me thinking, "See!? See, stupid!? See what happens when you don't listen to me!"

ok bye!

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