The Holistic Stunner

So I'm taking care of a puppy this week named Lucy. You may have seen her on RoscoeCam if you stopped by there. Here's a video of Lucy playing with Roscoe. Anyway, my girlie got this puppy a couple weeks ago and went away this week-- so puppy is here learning the ropes from Roscoe etc. This puppy is a really coolio dog. She's very smart. 2-3 months old. Pretty paper trained. Fetches already. (Roscoe never figured out the fetch and should be embarrassed), nice dog etc etc-- But the puppy has had one issue that's been sort of major. A fairly decent sized case of separation anxiety.

Whenever the puppy is left all alone in her crate she like flips out. Screams like an insane monkeyfaced lunatic if you leave the house. The people at the place where she came from (Animal Haven) called her a 'drama queen'. Basically, she keeps the volume at 11 until you come home. Sad. Yes, I've googled a ton and learned the best ways to deal with the situation. Put treats in there. Don't give in. Familiar smells whatever. Don't make a big deal about anything. But she didn't seem to be grasping the idea that someone was actually coming back. And the stresscase hyena situation was concerning --especially with apartment living. I can hear her friggin yelling from outside my building. She's that loud.

*(This might be premmature to write about from a jinxing point of view but I'm gonna do it anyway)

This morning I was in the pet store looking to buy snacks or whatever and I see this stuff. Bach Rescue Remedy.

It was like $15.99. And I'm like, 'Uch! Should I actually buy this stuff and see what happens? For $15 friggin 99?! This bs scammy holistic crap?' But I was feeling experimental and guilty for leaving the dog alone and panic crying-- so figured I'd give it a longshot. I bought this tiny bottle of whatever. Twice this afternoon I gave Lucy a drop of this stuff, put her in her crate, and left. She cried as per usual at first but within a minute she stopped. This happened twice. I walked outside and looked up at my window. No crying. Silence. I was stunned. (the other night I stood outside for 20 minutes. she didn't stop protesting her aloneness.)

This stuff seeming to actually work made me do a complete 180 on holistic treatment. I've really been on the eye-rolly side for a long time on holistic stuff-- half assuming that 'holistic' meant 'sorta bullshit for the most part'. Or the effectiveness was basically placebo side effects or whatever. I'm not gonna go all new agey and stuff-- but the fact that anything that's like flower extract or whatever worked on a passionately misinformed dog-- just is kind of amazing. It's one thing if it works on a person-- that I can write off as mental trigger of sorts-- but a dog?? A dog doesn't know its being scammed!

(I realize I sound like an ignormasaurus to people who have known this for a long time etc and sure it might be a coincidence of sorts. I guess she might be screaming tomorrow or whatever).

But wtf? Stuff like this actually might.... work??? Who woulda thunk it!

ok bye!

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