Windows 7 and Socks

1. Do I seriously need Windows 7? For what, really? So I can like organize my photos better? WTF? Or inch closer to some semblance of mac-ness? Yeah, I'm running Vista now and I can tell that it secretly sucks because it's got like heavy legs or whatever and yadda there's been issues here and there-- but for the most part its sorted itself out and everything on my machine is running fine now. Why should I mess with that? But Vista still feels half-losery and I like new stuff! And according to the interwebs Windows 7 awesome like a Borg Superhero OS or something! Some website told me it's faster and smarter and stuff-- and who am I to argue with what the interweb says is good?!

But the bigger issue-- is the decision to move to 7 is a process. First off, I don't really trust an "upgrade" of an OS because I can always imagine it sort of getting tangled with old Vista--  so I want an clean install with the full format and all that. Clean 7. But that would involve serious backup paranoia and all that. I dunno. I know you developer people out there probably have been running 7 for months now. Please let me know if you think it's something that should be done. Also please let me know if this is something I'd have to buy. Thank you.

2. I have shirts, pants, sweaters, underwear, shoes, hats, (probably dated) suits, couple sportcoats, all that clothing type stuff. The one thing that I barely have-- are socks. (besides white socks and too short dress socks (got plenty of those). And the white socks I have are those little ankle socks? Are they wrong for guys? I can't tell. Not that I wanna pull my socks all the way up to my knee-- but something about the little socks seem a little girlie or something. Especially if I'm not exercising and just sitting around and I cross my leg and there's my like calf and my little sock. I always feel like that's wrong but I don't know what's right.

But what I really need are off-white socks. Like beige or whatever. That seems right for sneakers or whatever. I have literally one pair of beige socks and I'm always psyched when they're back from the wash. I'm like, 'Yay! Beige guys are back!' But for some reason I refuse to buy more socks! First off, socks always seem to be sort of a ripoff-- so when I do think about it if I'm at the Gap or whatever I'll be like, 'I dunno. This seems sort of a ripoff or something. $12??' I feel like I need to do more research and figure out exactly the best socks to get and then just buy a ton of them. So that's an ongoing ridiculous project that I never fix-- which is sort of stupid because during the time it took me to write this thing I could have solved the problem one way or another...

ok bye!


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