What's Been Going On?

Hi. I'm Todd. I run this website. I know I've been slacking a bit with cartoons for the last while (I do read comments and my emails) but I've always been honest on this site so I'll be honest with where I'm at right now and where I've been-- and why I've been so "lazy".

(First off. I'm lazy. I admit that right off of course. Very. But you probably knew that already.. )

Anyway, first the good news (I've been talking about it for a while I know) is the Odd Todd live action
movie seems to be moving along into some world of actual Hollywood reality which makes me happy. It shifted from fantasy to realistic-ish this year-- so that's smiley! I'd let you know more but it's a process with momentum and I don't wanna jinx nuttin...

The bad news is around summertime, all my freelance toon work sort of skipped away all at once. You may have noticed there hasn't been an ABC News toon in a long time. America's Test Kitchen after three seasons of doing toons with me decided not to do another round. And the people who make The IFC Media Project are not sure if they're gonna make a 3rd season of that. Beyond that a bunch of one-off cartoons dealios (including contact from the actual White House earlier this year. I'll tell that story later)  that I had been working toward didn't come through due to budget cuts and stuff.

Anyway, I was like WTF! <gulp> full blast unemployed again!? (I got sorta freaked out.) Of course, ideally, ending up unemployed should be motivating for me to crank out toons-- but the reality of actually making a living started to get a little serious this year. (And I don't make money off the website because I'm dopey and stubborn). So for the past few months I've been focusing on fixing my financial situation and getting re-un-unemployed.

But good news is I've managed to get things back together in the past month or so-- and I landed a good amount of new freelance work! Some of it very coolio stuff! But now I actually have to do that stuff-- or else. This month especially is busy...

So blah blah yah, the Halloween toon I had started (surprise surprise) had to be bumped this year so my dog can continue to have his treats. Please accept (boo!) reruns this year-- :-( and enter the 7th Annual Jack-O-Pumkontest! (Click here for details! You can win a guitar!)

Please know that I update this place daily because I love it. And I like writing stuff and doing stuff. I know it's a long frustrating road with me at times-- but I'm here. And I appreciate your being here. So if you can understand where I'm at and hang in there a little while longer--- I'd really appreciate it. I will make you proud... and I'm guessing sooner than later :-)

Good things are actually around the corner... again.

And yah, as soon as the smoke clears I'll get back on track doing more goodies for this place. Promise...

Good vibes to y'all!

ok bye!

PS. And yah I know I can be working harder all around-- and I'll try to do so... Starting tomorrow!

Warning: Some comments below may annoy you or make you roll your eyes...