Five Cell Phone Thoughts

1. I was on the phone with a friend of mine and we had phone drop-off (most likely because he was on an iPhone). Anyway, he called me initially but I called back after the drop-off. He told me I violated the "rule". That rule being: The person who called is the call-back person. To avoid cellphone overlap he says the responsibility to call back falls on the initial caller rather than the call-ee. It sorta made sense to me because I've done the straight to voicemail tangle up on the try to reconnect situation. Not sure if this is universal but it should be.

2. Sometimes if I have a bad connection with someone or their headset sucks-- I will tell them that their phone sucks or their headset sucks. I'll tell them they should get a new phone or get a new headset to replace their sucky setup. And alot of times people get defensive about it. They'll defend their phone and their headset. ("This headset cost $75!!' Ok... So? it still sucks-- but sucks worse cause you got ripped off too.) They'll try a reversal and blame my phone and tell me that it's my phone that must suck! The thing I don't get is why people get defensive about their phone and phone accessories. We ALL know that ALL cellphones suck in one way or another. And we should accept that if someone tells someone else that their phone sucks-- that it is the truth. Don't be defensive about your sucky stuff!

3. It's time people started accepting that holding a cellphone against your head for extended periods of time day after day is bad for you. It's fairly obvious that it's basically plowing the field in your head for a future tumor farm. I've been through three or four headsets with my phone (Samsung Eternity-- which btw totally sucks) and often I find myself holding that brick up to my head. And of course it gets hot. But if you tune in enough-- you know and I know that those energy waves are going in there a little too deep. If you could see the aura of energy coming off the phone-- it would probably look like a big cloudy storm helmet around your head. With lightning flashes. If you're in denial about the idea that it's bad for you because there's been no scientific "evidence".... it's time you took responsibility for what you're doing. The cellphone people are probably fighting the science hardcore because they know if that information gets out-- people will use their phones less. And even become scared of them.

4. All wireless headsets suck. This is another thing people have to accept. There is no good wireless headset for outdoor use. (No your 'Jawbone' doesn't sound clear.) Sure if you're in your house or your car you can carry a decent conversation I guess. But for walking around? It's a no go with these things. They all suck. Plus, the constant fiddling to get the thing in your ear just right is maddening... because it will never be in your ear just right.

5. It's enough with pretending there is an iPhone 'killer' coming. All other phone companies need to accept that iPhones will be kicking their asses from now until the end of time. I get that you think your phone is fancy. I get that it might do some things better. Or has a better camera (btw all phone cameras suck). But there is nothing that is going to turn back the clock on this. It's like the same way that Zune turned out to just be an annoying yappy dog growling at the ankle of the iPod St. Bernard/Dane mix. So stop with the commercials declaring your phone better-- sure it might be-- but don't pick a fight. Blackberry can compete. Maybe even win eventually. Cheap phones can compete and win. But head to head with an iPhone on iPhone turf...? C'mon...  forget it. It's over, Johnny! It's over!

ok bye!


PS. Is cell phone one word or two? It seems like it should eventually connect...

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