Pictures for the Week!

Hey! I headed up the street today early to watch the marathon with Roscoe! Here's some pictures (a little dark cause my camera suxxxx..)

+And a couple-o videos below too!

I arrived just as the marathon was starting! Mayor Bloomberg led the way in his super fancy car! (weirdly circa jfk mobile)

Sometimes when I see a cop he looks like a fake cop. btw that place Cherry Tree has delicious mini-hamburgers.

That guy in the yellow/green was in first place. The guy on the moped was blatantly cheating!

I wonder when these guys go into the homestretch if they get all murderbally on each other...

Not sure what this tandem was about or who was helping who(m)...

That guy by the tree was standing next to a 'No Dorking' sign. And he was complying...

All I wanted to do was run the full length of the table and end with a slide...

Water hander outter peeps!...

More water hander outter peeps!...

Maybe us standerbys didn't realize there was a giant monster at the back of the pack--- and everyone was running away? (btw that tigger looks like a dick and balls)

This guy like photobombed this shot!

Sure are alot of people in better shape with more willpower than me. Look them all flaunting their betterness!

Right in my face! Dressed as a clown and better than me! (good thing that woman held up that sign because dude was pantless...)

This guy said, 'You know what... Running the marathon just isn't enough...'

Frenchy and Vegan-Boy showing me up with their good shapeness...

And these guys! From wherever the hell! Jogging along in my face! Making me feel extra out of shape!

I used to wonder about people who get decked out this way. But they get the biggest cheers all the way thru...

Japan in the house!

Canadian kook in the house!

Italian dude in the house!

Swedish and/or crazy guy in the house! (plus Keith... keith is in the house as well...)

Dude with a turban in the house!

Glen and Ben in the house! (also big giant man back there in the house!)

Tattoo lady! Also in the house!

That dude was wearing a shirt that said 'Girls Can 2'... Somehow I think with that declaration-- actual  girls have that covered, dude.

Italian man blasting a fart right in that woman's face! OOooohh.... powerwind...

Somehow I get the feeling that this dude wouldn't appreciate tu-tu man taking a picture of his butt...

This is Paul who is in personal awe of his own perfection... (dude next to him... less so...)

Somalia in the house! (she was mad at us for being quiet... asked for a cheer...) Also you can play 'Where's Gus?' It's like Where's Waldo but way easier...

Dude from wherever that flag is from! In the house!

And here goes Mary... She got a huge cheer! Go Mary Go!

I googled Taylor when I got home. Here's a website about Taylor Haugen... (very sad)

And off they go! That girl was handing out the high fives then pulling away at the last second and saying 'Sike!'

Maybe that'll be me next year! Imagine that! But fatter, bald, and passed out in his own vomit on mile .5....

ok bye!




Bongo Man! (maybe best use of public bongos I've seen)

Kinda fun to PAUSE this one as it goes:

Kinda fun to PAUSE this one as it goes: