Big Boom!

So tonite I was sitting here all aggravated cause I couldn't get something to work with the website. I was like annoyed and stuff and on top of it my computer kept freezing up. Then there was a sound outside that sounded like an explosion. It was a giant noise. It rattled my windows and immediately tons of car alarms went off and dogs were barking. My heart was racing. I looked out my window and didn't see anything. Everything was quiet. And then a few minutes later fire trucks were racing up my street and I heard sirens coming from all over. So I put on my coat and headed outside. Because I'm nosey when it comes to explosions in the neighborhood I guess.

I turned the corner and on Court Street there were probably 5 fire trucks, firemen everywhere, and cop cars. They were taping off an area with police tape. I asked someone standing around what happened and he told me something exploded under the street and a manhole cover blew up into the air in two pieces. Fireman were going in and out of the buildings in the area and I stood around watching the activity. I walked up to one fireman who was standing around and I asked him what happened. He said he wasn't sure but sometimes in the winter salt gets down into the manholes and rot away some wiring. Which touches some other wire. And boom. I nodded. It was cool talking to a fireman. Then I thought... 'um... maybe I should get the hell out of here...'

So I came home and got back to what I was working on. And somehow my aggravation was all gone. Nothing like a big loud ba-boom! to sober you up right quick in terms of what's important.

ok bye!