Bitch Woman Vet Story

So I took Roscoe to get his shots today and it reminded me of the last time I was at the vet.

It was a story I didn't type up here at the time because I was really upset--- And didn't want to even talk about it.

Anyway, a few months back Roscoe seemed to be in some pain. For a few days he was making slight whimper noises-- especially when he would like jump off the bed or whatever. Something wasn't right. I looked at his paws and felt his leg bones but everything seemed ok. He'd been running kind of crazy a few days prior at dog park-- so I kind of assumed he like pulled a muscle or something. But figured better safe than sorry. On day three, I took him to the vet to get checked out.

There was a new vet woman at the place and it was the first time we were meeting her. Right from the getgo I wasn't liking her. Before she even spoke a word-- I didn't like her. It was one of those. My instincts proved true because she put words in my mouth when we started talking. I'd be like, 'Roscoe kind of whimpers a little when he jumps off the bed and...' And she'd be like, 'So he's in pain all the time?' I'd be like, 'Not necessary all the time just...' And she'd be like, 'If he's whimpering-- he's in pain.' I'd be like, 'Okayyy....'

Then she starts examining Roscoe and fingers her fingers down his spine. But like rough. It looked like she was really pressing in there and Roscoe finally whimpered. She was like, 'Uh oh...' Then she grabbed his neck and turned it to the side and held it there. He whimpered again. She was like, 'Yeah... Uh oh.' I said, 'What uh oh?! Even on his best day he doesn't like his neck being held to the side.' She was like, 'Yeah... but that was pain. That's pain I heard.'

(btw-- If I hold Roscoe's paw and don't let it go he whimpers.. he just doesn't like stuff being held)

She said, 'I think your dog has IDD.' She left it out there like I should know what that stands for. After a couple seconds she said, 'Intervertebral Disk Disease...' I was like, 'What's that?!!' She said it's usually found in older dogs or like daschunds and stuff. But I've seen it in younger dogs too. Seems like Roscoe has it. I was like, 'Sooo... What does that mean...?!' She said, 'Well, it means your dog is going to have to take it easy and we'll see how things go.' If it gets worse medication and or surgery usually helps-- even if there's paralysis.

I was like, 'Surgery?!! Paralysis?!' She said, 'He's obviously in alot of pain right now.' I was like, 'Obviously? You can tell that by digging your fingers into his back and holding his head to the side?' She gave me a look like, 'Who's the vet here?' Then she told me she's going to prescribe pain pills and also give him a shot right now to take care of the immediate pain. I was like, "You can give me pain pills but you're not giving my dog a shot. He doesn't seem that bad.' She was like, 'Well, do you want me to x-ray him to prove it?' I was like, 'Go x-ray him!'

She took Roscoe to the back and came out 15 minutes later. She was angry and said, 'He wouldn't hold still for the x-ray. We couldn't do it..' Roscoe looked absolutely annoyed. I was like, 'Just give me the pills we're gonna go...' I was hating her but I was more upset at the idea of Roscoe having some sort of serious back problem. At the time, I was in the midst of my 'panic' over stuff and dealing with Roscoe being in pain and dog surgery and all sorts of stuff just pushed me over the edge.

Anyway, a too long story short. Within a day or two Roscoe was totally fine. (thank god-dog) No more whimpering and he's been in fine shape every since. By the end of the week, I thought about calling the vet and going off on her but I guess I was just really too appreciative that Roscoe was fine. (I regret not making that call now...)

However, when I called to make an appointment the other day for his shots I asked the receptionist who I saw last time? She told me the name. I said, 'Yeah, give me anyone but her...' I decided to put the ball in their court if they wanted to hear the story or why.

They didn't ask.

ok bye!


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