The Distemper After Shocks

So last week I wrote about how 'bitch vet' gave an off the cuff diagnosis of Roscoe that freaked me out. Telling me he had serious back problems or whatever. I wrote it up because Roscoe was scheduled to get his shots and I thought of the story. The scheduled shots were his annual kennel cough shot and another one he gets every few years for 'distemper'. The vet (nice different vet) told me that Roscoe might seem tired the next day and his leg might be a little sore. Ok fine.

He basically seemed fine when I got him home and he was fine the rest of the day.

The next morning I woke up and Roscoe stayed in bed. He sleeps pretty late because he's unemployed but he was oversleeping. When it was time to go out-- he jumped off the bed. And when he hit the ground he whimpered. Just like he did when he had his 'back problem'. My first thought was, 'OMG Roscoe's back IS messed up! It's true! I bet God is punishing me because I wrote the thing about the bitch vet and I should never openly declare a health issue is gone because that's like a double jinx and then it comes back because God doesn't like people being cocky about health and Roscoe is gonna have to get a wheelie cart because I wrote up that thing about that bitch vet and...'

While I was having that thought I asked Roscoe what was wrong. He was gave me this look like, 'Make hurt stop?' I felt his back and he didn't seem to mind. Then I felt his front leg and he whimpered... I was relieved. I was like, 'Oh! The shot! Your leg hurts because of the shot!! Awesome!!' (Plus, I was a little psyched to have a 'free' day when I don't have to worry about him exercising.)

But all day long Roscoe was acting weird. I'd look in the other room and he'd just be sitting there staring out into space. Not lying down. Not watching TV. Just like sitting in the other room. Then he'd walk up to me and stare at me. Weird eyes. I was like, 'What?!' He was like, 'I dunno, man. I just feel weird.' Roscoe seemed to be high or tripping.

That night I went to sleep with Roscoe at the end of the bed and around 3AM I woke up. Snapped awake. Roscoe was awake too. Sitting up! Staring at me! Like murderer style! Close to me! I was like, 'WTF DUDE!!!' He was like, 'I dunno, mannn...' And I was psyched to know that if push came to shove I could definitely kick his ass. And I suspected it might have been go-time. Like fighting a meth-head or something. We stared at each other for a bit then he curled up and went to sleep. I was like, 'Good! Because you know I can kick your ass!'

The next day he woke up and was fine (thank god wink wink) but it made me research the 'distemper 'shot. The reaction seemed a little extreme and long lasting-- and to be honest I didn't even know what it was for. All I knew was Roscoe needed his shot because his last one was three years ago.

On the google there seems to be a debate about it.

There has been debate among veterinarians about the necessity of administering the canine distemper vaccine annually or over a three year schedule, citing health risks and reactions to repeated vaccinations. The choice is up to the informed dog owner, but there are some key facts to consider...

You can google for more if you wannna...

I dunno. In general, vaccines seems good. Vaccines seem mysteriously bad--- but mainly good!

ok bye!


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