The Old Man and the Weird Bone

On the way back from dog park today I was walking along with Roscoe minding my own business when all of a sudden Roscoe slammed on the brakes. Stopped walking full stop. (yes, I know this sounds like a dog story but it's sorta not) Anyway, Roscoe usually does full stop when a dog is behind him or we pass something he wants to smell or see. But this time it wasn't a dog. It was an old man in a bright orange vest. He had an old school radio (with antennae) in his hand and was listening to a station that didn't wasn't completely tuned in.

He said, 'Oh! He smells my treats!' Then the old man digs in his vest pocket and takes out a big chewy bone. He said, 'He smells this!'

And holds up this bone thing:

I was like, 'Oh... yeah... ' But in my head I knew Roscoe didn't 'smell' it. I had heard the guy behind me making little whistle noises and I bet when Roscoe looked back he flashed the bone at him. Roscoe can't really smell what's behind him when he's walking forward. But I whatevered it. He gave Roscoe the bone which Roscoe carried in his mouth as we walked along. I thanked the old man...

I started talking to the old man as he fiddled with his radio. I asked him what kind of dog he had and he told me he didn't have a dog. I was like, 'Oh... you're just... walking with... dog treats?!.' He said, 'These are leftovers...' I was like, 'Oh.. Right... .'

As we walked along I got concerned about what in Roscoe's mouth. The old man seemed a little weird and I thought it was kinda strangethat he was walking around with these big dog treats. On top of it-- it wasn't the kind of bone thing I'd usually give Roscoe because he'd end up with diarrhea. I didn't want him to have it-- but I was embarrassed to take it away. I didn't want to be a helicopter dog dad or act like I was 'nervous'-- I kept telling my brain to quiet down and stop feeding me overblown paranoia'. (I guess this is a dog story after all)

Anyway, soon I was officially weirded out by the guy (something about the radio not being tuned in)--- so I said goodbye to the old man and pulled over into a store. As soon as we got inside I yanked the thing out of Roscoe's mouth and stuck it in my pocket. No bone for you!

Yadda you probably think I'm overly protective. I get that. But to you parents--- if some old man was carrying candy around in his pocket and gave some big weird looking unwrapped candy to your kid--- Would you let your kid eat it?

What's the difference there really?

ok bye!


PS. Have you ever gotten candy or suspicious from a stranger? Please post story below if you wanna share...