Stuck with a Big Green Ball

So I mentioned in a previous post that I got one of these ball chairs...

And I really liked it alot because it forced me to sit up straight and stuff instead of all slouchy in a pretzel like I do with my regular chair-- but the ball popped. (I now admit the reason it popped wasn't really because it just popped. I kind of got a little obsessed with keeping in inflated. It would seem softer day to day. My dummy head didn't realize it wasn't losing air. It was just getting sort of broken in. So I kept inflating it to keep it firm. My guess it was at least 1/3 bigger than it was designed to be when it popped. It wouldn't even fit in the chair part toward the end.)

Anyway, I ordered this new coolio green colored ball-- but I soon noticed that I ordered the wrong ball. This new ball is way too big for the chair part. And it's softer. Plus, when I sit on it my feet are practically off the ground. I kind of have to ride it like a jumping horse with my legs on the sides of it and everything. It's not a sitting ball. It's like a yoga ball for chicks or something.

But I can't return it because I threw out the packaging (including the worthless dvd it came with) and now I don't know what to do with the thing! Nobody on eBay is gonna buy some 'used' exercise ball from some random dude, right? Ew. I guess I could deflate it and throw it in my 'valuable garbage closet' (that has once-used ice skates and a dvd/vhs recorder and that kind of stuff) but to what end? Plus it's a pain in the ass to deflate.

So this big green ball has been rolling around in my apartment for days. I'm basically procrastinating on it.  I kick it around now and then-- and I've used it as a wobbily ottoman once but it hasn't found a place to stay nor a genuine purpose. I sure as fruck ain't gonna start exercising on it! Especially without the dvd to tell me how! And I admit I kind of like a giant green ball rolling around in here. It's sorta funny. For now....

ok bye!

PS. Btw Roscoe's bowl (in the background) is off the ground because someone told me it's better for dogs digestion to be sort of standing more upright. Not all head down swallowing upwards. Behind the bowls are notes my niece writes to Rosce that say stuff like, 'I Love Roscoe My Friend'.

PPS> If you know of a good posture chair that isn't a ball chair (I'm not sure the ball chair can go the distance regardless). Please let me know.


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