The Reference Number Bust (+ New Warning)

So yesterday I was on the phone with Sprint dealing with a situation (long story). It was going on and on and on! Long hold times the whole deal. What I thought would be a ten minute call ran into 20-25 minutes. Long hold times etc. Full blast exhaustingly bad call. Finally, the customer service person said, 'Ok. Let me give you the reference number for your records.... Yeah right... Reference number... Records ... Hold on. Let me just get my "pen" for my "records"... Ok shoot.

Screw that! I never write down reference numbers! As far as I'm concerned I shouldn't have to! That number is their responsibility! They're obviously sitting there with a screen of all my information! They can look up what we just talked about ten different ways I'm sure! It'll take two seconds! Plus, even if I did write it down there's no way I'm responsible enough to keep track of that number! Days later if I need it--- it'll be long gone! Riding in the garbage scribbled on the scrap of paper I wrote it on!

So whenever anyone tells me a reference number or an reference number I always pretend like I'm writing it down--- but I never do.

She reads it off, '6-7-3-9-7-P-3-5-F-2-F-1-6-6-9-3-R-(on and on endless number too!) A-2-2-6-3-9....' At the end I go, '...uh huh...six... three... nine. Got it.' (lie) She says, 'Will you read that back to me just to confirm?' (ooh! busted!) I stare out into space and scramble for an excuse. I tell her, 'Actually, I think I missed a couple of numbers. Could you read it once more?' She reads it off again (extra slowly and annoyingly) and I repeat the code back to her letter by letter as she reads it. Writing nothing down and getting nervous I'm gonna get pop quizzed on it again...

Sure enough! Pop quiz! She says, 'Just read that back please...' WTF!!! The double code confirmation!!? What are we doing? Launching missiles?! I told her that I was gonna go out on a limb and assume it's all gonna be processed fine. That I wasn't worried about the reference number but I have it here just in case. She was like, 'Uh huh.' I was like, 'Uh huh...' She was like, 'Uh. Huh.' I was like, 'Uh huh!' And that was that.

WARNING: She ended the call with the typical cellphone company legalese jibberjabber (if within 30 days blah blah and if for any reason blah blah...)  but this time it had a $8.95 sneak charge in there! Some sort of bullshit processing fee or something! Right in the middle! She tried to breeze past it but I caught it and was like, 'Wait... what was that?... $8.95 for what?' She told me whatever it was-- and I asked her to waive it and she did. Boom done. $8.95 erased without a fight. Cheesy and scammy. Keeping it on the D-L, Sprint?

Anyway, it just disturbed that desperating businesses are going to start to sneaking charges into that legal rapid fire to rip us off! That babble used to be about protecting them from whatever if you wanna return something or something--- but they're starting to sneak extra special bonus charges in there! I'm telling you! Listen to that stuff now! Warning!

ok bye!


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