Starbucks Card Free Cosmic Subway Ride

So anyway, on the way down to the subway today I went fishing in my wallet for a MetroCard-- and I found an old empty Starbucks gift card hanging out in there. And I somehow got the idea in my head that the empty Starbucks card might work in the subway turnstile. Like somehow there's like an undiscovered computer flaw in the swipe thing that identifies an empty Starbucks card as a full MetroCard. (this is how my dumb brain talks to me when it's bored or crazy...)

Anyway, I decided I was going to give it a shot just to see. I know there was no way it was going to work-- but something got stuck in my head that it was possible.

I even went as far to think if it did work-- what would I do with that information? If I called the NY Post and told them that I discovered empty Starbucks cards work in subway turnstiles it would be a huge story! Right? Front page maybe! But why would I blab?! That's something I would wanna keep to myself and get free subway rides for life. In fact, it's probably something that I could never tell anyone because nobody could really keep that a secret. Like if I told a close friend and told them not to tell anyone... they'd tell someone of course! They'd have to! I wouldn't blame them. It's a victimless secret coolio blab sorta...

Anyway, I step up to the turnstile and I'm about to swipe my Starbucks card and someone walking out through the turnstile next to me swipes his card on my slot and says, 'I got it...' And he kept walking. I guess there was some sort of transfer extra or maybe someone was in a weirdly generous mood-- but it was the first time ever some anonymous person 'paid' for my subway ride. The turnstile buzzed and I walked through holding my empty Starbucks card...

So in a weird way the Starbucks card did work on some sort of cosmic level-- which was kinda coolio. I'll try it again next time I'm on the subway and see if it works one way or another-- but I'll only report back if it works on the cosmic level.

ok bye!


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