Dry Cleaner Disappointment

So for years I've been going to this dry cleaner on my street. Mainly for laundry. I drag a sack there once a week. Only one person works in this little store all day long and there's been four different people over the years. It's always an asian woman and they usually last about a year before they move on to other things.

The first one was way into talk shows and gossip. She'd always be reading Star magazine or whatever and we'd gossip it up about Angelina or whatever. She was a big fan of Roscoe and would give him treats when I stopped by.

After she left I brought a box of dog treats to the new person because she liked Roscoe too. I wanted to continue the tradition of treat giving-- and also it's a nice neighborhood thing for the other dog people who stop in. This dry cleaner lady had a dog of her own that she's always dress up. She'd show me goofy pictures of her little yappy dog in a tutu or whatever. She left to go to school or something.

The third one was a friend of Roscoe as well. She was a knitter and sort of aggressive about saying hello. Like she'd run outside of the store if we walked by without stopping in. I wrote about her a while ago because I thought she knit me a hat but it was something she bought in a store. (Ref. WH # 744 ). When she told me she was leaving the job--- she came around the counter to give me a hug and she started crying. She had to go back home to take care of her mom.

And the next one was really coolio too. She was learning english in a class and had homework. Sometimes I'd help her pronounce words. She'd point to a list and say how do you say that. I'd say, 'Independence' or whatever the word was. And we'd say it back and forth until she got it right.

Now there's a new woman. During her first week, I introduced myself and Roscoe. He put his paws on the counter to say hi. She barely looked at Roscoe. Didn't touch him. I was like, 'Uh oh...' But I gave her the benefit of the doubt for being new. Over the past few weeks I've been stopping in and trying to break through her unfriendly wall. It seems to have gotten worse. If I say, 'How are you?' She'll ignore me. She has no interest in some goofy bald guy being in her store for a second longer than necessary. She's all business. Roscoe waits outside now. And for some reason she strikes me as someone who will be there for years. Oh well.

Anyway, I bring my own detergent (tide) when they do my laundry because if I don't they use a lead based chinese detergent called which makes me itch. But it seems every other time they forget my Tide and just use whatever. I can tell the difference. It makes me itch and my clothes get crusty and smell like asbestos or something. When I complained she denied they used a different soap-- and was sort of mean about it. I might start looking for a new place or something. Maybe here or something.

Especially because yesterday I picked up my laundry and I got a little surprise mixed in...

>>These here  were in with my clean laundry...

ok bye!


PS> Sorry for the lack of pics recently. My camera got all stupid and somehow it burns batteries superfast. Like it's draining the batteries at all times.
Time for a new camera. Please post suggestions below.