The Rockabilly Requirement

So last night I went out to see some countryish hee-hawish bands at this place called Southpaw. (I'm a fan of this band and they're friends of a friend). Anyway, there was alot of Rockabilly people wandering around. All the dudes with jeans with the cuffs up. Boots. They all had these black leather jackets and goop in their hair for the 50's style fonz look or whatever. One guy actually had a patch on his jacket that said 'Rockabilly USA'. I was like, 'Dude. I get it... The patch declaration might be overkill maybe?' The rockabilly chicks had like cat eye glasses and conservative sweaters with like poodley skirts.

Anyway, I guess it's coolio to have a 'look'. My look is 'Shlumpy Dork' so any other 'look' would probably a big step up for me cool-wise. And as I listened to the bands he-hawing-- I started to wonder if I could do rockabilly-- like change my whole look? Not seriously of course but I tried to imagine how I'd look with the leather jacket etc... And I couldn't. One main reason. I don't have the hair for it... (no hair for any 'look' except 'psycho' or 'less-psycho' but...)

All the rockabilly guys had the same kind of hair. Dark. Sort of seemingly receeding a little but still thick. Definintely the right kind of hair if you wanted to sculpt it rockabilly style. All of em had it. And it made me wonder in a chicken and egg way... which came first? I mean if I found that my hair lent itself perfectly to be gooped up rockabilly style-- Would I maybe be a rockabilly guy right now? I gotta figure it would it have shoved me down the road in that direction just based on some sort of style principle. Gotten into the music at least or something-- because what else are you supposed to do with natural rockabilly hair? Not embrace it and try to make it work? Plus, the rockabilly chicks are usually pretty hot so there could be side benefits just for doing it up!

Yah, I'm sure there are people with rockabilly hair who aren't rockabillies, of course. But looking around at all these dudes done up-- I wondered where'd they'd be if they didn't have the rockabilly hair? If they had hair like mine (or lack thereof) would they be so enthusiastic about the music and the lifestyle? Is the hair a requirement for legitimacy? Would I be rejected from the rockabilly society if I tried? Shunned? A bald outcast with a brank spanking new leather jacket and cuffed jeans-- all in the corner badly playing sad harmonica?

Whatever! I didn't wanna be a rockabilly anyway! Too much of a hassle!  And by the way, nobody gets rejected from the shumply dork society!

ok bye!


PS. Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about...