Question about Polo and Logos

So I wear buttondown shirts alot. Untucked. Most are like Gap or whatever. I like J Crew shirts mostest I think. They're logoless. But I also have a bunch of Polo (ralph lauren) shirts hanging in my closet. Most I've gotten as gifts over the years. I do wear them alot but I rarely wear them out unless they're under stuff. A bunch of them are like houseshirts essentially. There's something about the Polo logo that makes me feel a little weird I guess.

Put it this way, if I go up and talk to a chick while wearing a Polo shirt--- does she look at the horsey and categorize me as a Polo guy? Is she distracted by it? I guess maybe if she likes Polo guys and it would score points? But I feel it usually registers as a strike rather than a check. Maybe my feeling uncomfortable has to do with the fact that I don't match the Polo image? I don't own a horse. I don't have a boat. I do not have a horse on a boat. Nor swoopy hair. Nor a swoopy haired horse. Nor a sloopy swoop. I'm simply not the guy from the ad.

I don't know if there really is a logo that feels like it's really 'me'-- but I do know what's not me. Like a long time ago I got a Tommy Hilfiger shirt that said 'Tommy' in big letters across the front. I wore it once and felt like my name was Tommy all day. I have one Brooks Brothers shirt (their logo is like a dead hog being transported or something)-- and when I wear it people sometimes ask Where's that from? And I either pretend I don't know or I embarassingly say Brooks Brothers. Then the person says, Nice ... But now does that person think I have a closet full of Brooks Brothers clothes? Is wearing a fancy store logo the financial equivalent of bra stuffing?

The only ones that don't make me feel self-conscious are the few worn Izod short sleeved shirts I have. But they're sort of worn out looking so they could be from any time period. I don't feel responsible for them. But maybe I should be self-conscious about those too. Something about them seems more intangible status-wise.

Or am I just overthinking this and should just wear whatever whenever and not worry what people think. But how can I not worry about what people think if I think they might be thinking something that I feel they shouldn't be thinking!?

ok bye!


PS. I am wearing a polo shirt while I type this and it is soft and nice...