The Wet Phone Prayer

I got locked out again yesterday. Right before I was heading out of town to visit friends in Connecticut. Locked out. And like a dope I had to buzz buzzers on my block to get a neighbor to let me in so I could walk through their house (apologizing the whole time) so I could then scale backyard wooden fences until getting to my backyard. Then up the back ladder. Up my fire escape. In through my 4th story window etc. Since I've been living here I've probably done this a dozen times. And although it's annoying--- I admit there's always a fun factor. I feel like a sneaky burglar.

Anyway, after getting back in-- I packed up stuff and headed into the rental car with Roscoe. Off we went on a road trip! Roscoe head out window! Me cranking Bad Romance and friggin singing along! About 15 minutes into the trip I was bored so I fished around in my bag to monkeycall a friend. (Monkeycall is an 'I'm bored in the car and I wanna kill time and be entertained so dance for me, monkey!' call...) But phone wasn't in my bag. I felt all my pockets. No phone. I pulled over. My phone had to be somewhere! I couldn't have left it behind! I checked between the seats, double checked bag and pockets... No phone! Frock!

I felt naked. This was a real trip out of town and to have no phone felt dangerous! What if I got lost? What if the friends I was visiting needed to get in touch? What if they had to cancel? What if I needed to call a radio station to win tickets to something by being the 100th caller? What if I needed to text someone 'Whazzup yo?'

No phone on a road trip?! I thought about turning around and heading home to get it but I forced myself to pathetically nut up to venture onwards. All the way there I wondered where I may have left it. I had brunch with a friend and we googled stuff on it. Maybe I left it on the table? Drug store? Maybe I put it on the counter or something? I had to still in apartment. Sitting on my coffee table I bet.  

But when I got home last night-- no phone. I ripped my apartment apart. No phone. I went through my laundry pile. WTF! No phone? I called it endlessly hoping it could gasp a ring for help. Nothing. The battery couldn't have been dead. I knew I just charged it. It was a goner...  I heard only ghost calls as I was falling asleep.

Today I woke up sadly phoneless. I couldn't believe I couldn't backtrack to it... then it finally clicked in---It fell out of my pocket while I was scaling backyard fences! I bet when I jumped down into my yard... I popped out!  Sure enough that's what happened.

Happy to have it back-- but my phone has been laying in the pouring rain (it just had to rain) in the backyard all afternoon! When I finally got it-- I pushed the power. Nothing. No sign of life. Feeling like a doctor about to yell, 'Clear!' I plugged it back in and pressed power. No heartbeat. I called geeky friends to see how I can make it go again. They all basically said, 'Meh. It's probably finished. Let it dry out. Maybe you got a 10% chance of recovery...'

Doh. So anyway, does anyone know any secrets beyond drying it out? I don't wanna buy a new phone now because I'm still in contract. I can't really turn this one in because it's super beat up. Alt plans for someone under AT&T? (I want the google phone next btw)

ok bye!


PS. Yes I realize I would be a bad burglar-- I'd definitely be dropping a wallet or phone or something at the crime scene.