Seriously Though... What are They Doing About All the Porn?

I'm officially disturbed about the rampant free porno all over the web.

What's really happened here?! Porn on the web is now like the wild west! With penis lassos! And now, it's all ridiculously free ! (not that I'd know... so I've heard...) No credit card. No ID check.Sure, it's great for adults who appreciate it or work from home or whatever-- but wtf!? When are they gonna get a grip on this! (so to speak) When I was growing up I remember there was a big fight over continuing to sell Playboy and Penthouse in friggin 7-11! Somehow it was crossing a line to sell a Playboy to a trucker at 2AM. But nothing seems to be happening at all to contain the porn on the web.

When the web first started, everything was subscriptioned up and loaded with viruses and stuff which scared people away. It was rampant-- but it seemed dirty, somewhat monitored and inaccessible enough. But nowadays type in a google for 'porn' (not that I would do something like that)-- but I've heard all that comes up are websites with free hardcore porn clips.

I wonder what kids must think of sex when their first exposure is now commonly seeing full blast porn. It is sort of stunning that for all the fighting that goes on around zoning and distribution of adult stores and strip clubs-- that porn all over the web is apparently ignored. Are the pervs in Congress having too much fun with themselves to get some legislation on this? Where are the religious nuts taking up the cause in a public way? Are all the adults secretly appreciating the access too much to get motivated to rock the boat? Everyone under the table like, Wink wink... nudge nudge... say no more?

Yeah, I guess there are parental controls and safe search settings and stuff-- but what percentage of parents even know about that stuff? And kids know work arounds for those walls once they get past 8. And even if you do it in your house-- do your neighbors? Does the school?

For years, I've been hearing lowgrade mumbles about shifting everything adult over to .xxx domain and making it illegal to have porn on .com .net .org etc... I actually support this. .xxx can be easily controlled and blocked. Don't get me wrong I'm NOT against free easy access porn (for all you pervs who like stuff like that). But I think the internet porn volume cranked up to 11 is psyche damaging to kids-- and seems downright illegal. At the very least you'd think the porn industry would be battling to get some controls over this-- because they gotta be hurting worst than music x10. Or not?

To be extra sappy about this-- but shouldn't they be doing this for "the children"...? Or shh...

ok bye!