The Secret Messages in Nail Polish

So the other night I found out some top secret mani/pedi info from a chick. She told me that some girls wear secret messages on their nails-- messages that are only known to the wearer. That secret message has nothing to do with the nail color--- it has to do with the name of the polish.

Apparently, it's like this. Girls go to get manicures or pedicures and they pick out their 'color' which is apparently a tougher decision than one would think. Often girls get stumped or panic under the pressure. Something about that choice is more serious than I would have imagined. They usually have a base color (red, blue, whatever) in mind but there are so many different shades girls get confused and can't decide. So they look to the name of the nail polish to help with their selection-- and the names are not simply like Ruby Red or like Dark Cherry or whatever. Alot of these names are empowerment messages or dopey confession messages or perhaps a bit of 'other life' type dealio.

An empowerment color might be named 'I'm Not Really a Waitress' (actual name). A confession color might be named 'I'm Lost Without My GPS' (literally a color name). Or a horny girl might lean toward 'Limbo Bimbo' or something. The color choice is apparently based on match the mood-- which somehow results in maybe some closure on it.

So a waitress getting her nails done gets a reminder at work about what her true passions lay by wearing 'I'm Not Really a Waitress' color. Like if some customer is a jerk she can just look to her nails. And if a suburban housewife has her mind wandering about banging the poolboy-- she might go in on a 'Limbo Bimbo' nailcolor to take some action on those thoughts. A woman who is feeling too controlled or whatever might get some satisfaction out of Lost Without My GPS...

So I think us guys might have a little ignored inroad to understanding women better! About what they're feeling or why they're upset! Just ask the color of their nail polish after they get a manicure if you're curious to know where they're at...umm...  if you actually notice when they get manicures. I never do. I guess that should be the name of a new nailpolish... 'My Guy Never Looks at My Nails...' or something.

ok bye!

PS. Here's a link to a blog that flags 'Stupid Nail Polish Names...'