Random Pictures Mixed with Fire Story

I have a small kitchen with like barely any counterspace. (If I imagine I'm on a boat it's pretty big actually).

Anyway, when I cook anything my smoke alarm always goes off. It's like hyper sensitive or something.
Pretty much every time I cook it goes off.
Here's what it looks like when it's going off:

This is a picture of a Rolls Royce that appeared to be abandoned down the street. No licence plates.
It was there for days and collected alot of tickets and had like those rude orange stickers on the side windows.

Usually I can't smell smoke any smoke but my smoke alarm seems to know when I'm broiling or whatever.

When it goes off I take out the battery.

Here's a picture through a street grate. Why's that down there? I dunno...

Anyway, I keep my cutting board on my stovetop due to the lack of counterspace.
I cut vegetables on that. I used to cut red meat on that but I don't eat red meat anymore.

This rabbit wanted to go inside because it was cold out. It eventually jumped onto a windowsill and then through the window.

Hey! My dad recently had a big birthday so we went up on a helicopter ride! Here's a picture I took out the window! Pretty coolio, huh?!

And last week when I wasn't feeling well I was drinking alot of tea. 
Everyday I would turn on the burner under the whistling teapot then sit down in front of my computer.

Someone really seemed to put effort into doing this to this ad in the subway. Almost art.

And after a while I realized the whistling tea pot wasn't whistling. So I went to see what was up. My kitchen had alot of smoke in it!
And I was like, Holy smokes! What's with all the smoke?! Turned out I turned on the front burner under the board-- and not the back with the teapot.
My cutting board was like on fire and stuff. I put it under the sink and was the hero.

Then I looked at my smoke detector like, 'WTF! You go off when I cook eggs but you take a pass on this one?! Are you f-king with me or what?!

Here's my dog who recently got groomed wondering why I was taking pictures of my kitchen this morning.
(He really wanted to know if this change of routine would lead to some snacks for him or something.)

Here's a kneel chair I bought and put together (which took forever because the instructions were dumb dumb on top of me being a dumb dumb).
Then I hated it immediately and took it all apart and returned it.

I guess this is Creepy Alice looking for her bunny...

I feel lucky that I didn't burn my house down because I like my stuff and my place.

The end.

ok bye!

PS. On the flip side you can see this wasn't the first time this happened... but this time was worser.