Sometimes "Good" Things Come in Threes

So over the weekend I was in a grumpy mood for lots of reasons! Roscoe was getting on my nerves because he was being stubborn and jerky! He thought he was the boss! And people on the street were annoying me for walking wrong! Walking four across or going all diagonal! Ay! This isn't Connect Four! Walk straight! Plus, Roscoe rolled in a mud puddle and he had to get a bath! Plus, I kept forgetting to buy milk! And I've been forgetting to buy AA batteries so I've been rotating the same ones in different remote controls! Every time I pick up a remote it seems to be the one without batteries! Just an ongoing series of things going tap tap tap on my nerves. I was officially grumpy.

Anyway, I get home and stare at my empty fridge. I mentally punch myself for not shopping. But I have eggs and butter. I'm like, 'I'm gonna make myself some fcking eggs! Fck it!' I clatter the pan down on the stove. Crack the eggs all rough (yes egg shell ended up in there and I had to pick it out) I start sizzling the butter and dump in the eggs. Then I grab my big restaurant-size pepper mill from the shelf over the stove and grind some pepper in. I put the mill back on the shelf-- but I guess I put it too close to the edge or something because it fell and landed on the stove. BANG! My stove is cheap metal and when it hit it made a super loud noise like a gunshot. I totally shook because I didn't see it fall. I just heard it. I rolled my eyes and it took advantage that by rolling off the stove and landing right on my foot. Pointy thingee at the top first! It friggin hurt! It was the last straw to a bad day! I was so pissed! Even simple eggs were going wrong! I bent down to pick up the peppermill and stood up straight again--- totally smacking my head into an open kitchen cabinet. Hard.

I couldn't believe it. I stood there in awe of what just happened. A loud nerve jolt, followed by a foot whomp, followed by a dizzying head slam. But immediately something about it snapped me out of my bad mood. It was such a lightning fast trifecta of terribleness that it fixed my mood-- and I started laughing. If it was just the loud bang and the foot hurt-- I'm sure I would have stayed totally grumpy. But the extra bonus of smashing my head into the cabinet just cleared the clouds. (Or maybe it was a concussion setting in or something).

In any case, the third thing was the charm. It sort of reminded me that everything was ok. Things aren't so bad...

(I had to take the picture with RoscoeCam bc no batteries in my camera!)

Anyway, That was worse the other day. It's healing fine. Although everyone asks, 'Ay! What happened to your head?' Drawback #28 of being bald. Can't hide bumps...

ok bye!


PS. Roscoe got some eggs too...