The Reality of My Recent Distraction

So for the past few weeks I've been pretty slack on typing up new What's Happening and I apologize for that. It's actually not because I've been lazy about it. It really has been about me not having anything to write about that jazzes me up enough to write. The other day I got concerned as I looked around in my head for something to type about and came up empty headed. It's never been so difficult before to think of stuff or think of nothing. All I have to do is walk around and the outside world is like a big tv set and I flip channels. Shopping at drug store channel. Riding on subway channel. Walking down the street channel whatever. But lately for some reason there's been nothing on outside world TV. I wondered what had changed. The world or me? Then it dawned on my why I wasn't watching tv recently. What had changed in the past few weeks...?

The iPhone. When I'm walking around now I'm constantly distracted by my iPhone! Poking around trying to play a podcast! Fiddling with some shuffle or mix with music! Using an app that tunes into random radio stations! If I'm sitting at a coffee shop I'm not looking around anymore. I'm looking at my hand. Obsessed with my field goal kicking app. Or Doodlejump. Or the recently acquired 'Angry Birds'. And no camera pictures posted here recently either! I usually walk around with a camera in my pocket and keep my eyes wide for something coolio to click at-- but I'm not looking around at stuff as I usually do. I've probably strolled by dozens of good photos while checking my email or texting away.

Even while I'm home watching TV I'm busy with that thing. Downloading a near useless app or just buzzily appreciating how friggin amazing and easy this little device is. I haven't been able to read a book. Nor focus properly on anything really. And yesterday I realized all this-- and accepted the fact that the iPhone got me. Like a weird electronic cult it sucked me in thinking that it was all-wise and I couldn't live without it. Feeling out of sorts if I ever left it at behind. And (uch) I also became that person who was showing off apps to my non-iPhone friends. Showing off the latest flashy gizmo or game. And (worst of all) becoming the person who checks their phone while out at dinner. What happened?! Fruck!

But today I'm announcing that I have stopped this downward slide!! There may be a period of basic deprogramming that I will need to attend to but I will get through this. I will find a better balance. It is my phone so I do have to keep it. But I will be reducing the apps to only the 'essentials'. And I will make an effort to not respond every time it beeps at me. I will be deleting all but one game (the same deal I have with my PC. Left 4 Dead 2.) I will go back to listening to albums instead of shuffle. Somehow that seems healthier. Like I won't constantly want to find a song. And I will plug back in to the premium channels of the outside world and real life. Because the truth of it is-- as great as the iPhone is... it's not making me better.

ok bye!