The Infomercial's Revenge

So for a while now I've been seeing this infomercial on the tv for this like spaghetti pot with like holes in the lid. And the lid like locks on. And you can like pour the water out through the holes in the top and it prevents like the spaghetti from spilling all over. Like a built in strainer thing. How about instead of me describing it I just show it to you.. here. Ok, now that you know what I'm talking about...

During the infomercial or whatever they always show this like father and kids sitting at the kitchen table all three of them with a fork and knife in each hand  demanding dinner like animals. And the frazzled wife is in the kitchen being all awkward with pouring the spaghetti out. And the steam is going in her face and the strainer spills in the sink and the spaghetti goes down the drain. And the family is like all mad at the mom. And the mom puts her hands to the sides of her head all calgon take me away.

And every time I watch the commercial. I'm always like what a dumb gimmick. Who is so frickin clutzy that they can't handle draining spaghetti? I mean who has such a tough time pouring the spaghetti out that they spill it all down the drain and burn themselves with hot water and steam. I guess you can see where this is going...

So tonite. Yes. I make spaghetti and I go to strain it out but I only can find one oven mitt (I lost an oven mitt in my apartment. I can't imagine how that happened but it's gone.) Anyway I used one oven mitt for one handle and my shirt tail on the other. And I bring the pot over to the sink which is semi-filled with dishes and the strainer is like sitting on top of the dishes. And sure enough the frickin handle slips out of one hand. Crashing one side of the pot into the side of the strainer which spills spaghetti everywhere, splashing hot water and the steam rushes up at me and I had to pull my head away to duck the cloud.

I managed to save most of the spaghetti and I avoided burning myself. But I thought back to that frickin infomercial and was like.... son of bitch... that's what I get for mocking the tv.

ok bye!


PS. please don't go and buy the pot thing. I'd hate to think those people make money of my dumbness..