Nephew Hello

Today I hung out with my nephews at my parents house. I haven't seen them in like a while because I've been a bad uncle or whatever. I picked up some toys for them on the way out of the city. I got a big red magnet (boring for them). A slinky (lasted about an hour before it was tanglewrecked). A wand with floaty and glittery stars in it (boring. the older one kept asking me 'what does it do? i'd say, 'it's doing it...' he's like, 'ok... this sucks. next.'). A weird can that made a moo noise (quick fix of fun. then dismissed.) And chinese finger trap things (always fun). 

I'm hanging out with them doing whatever and I notice right away that the younger one is talking. Like really talking. He's just over two years and he hasn't really been talking much besides babble babble. But today he was all like having conversations and stuff. I was getting all psyched up talking to him and stuff. At one point I was lying on the floor face down and he jumped on my back and climbed up on my head and looked at me sort of upsidedown and kept saying hello! hello! hello! in my face and I'd say hello! back at him every time he'd say hello! at me. This went on for far too long I'm sure.

But it was cool. I could see in his face that he was proud that he figured it out. The whole talking thing. And he was all puffed up proud of himself that not only was he saying, hello to me for the first time. But you can see in his face that he knew what it meant. He was electrijazzed with new talky talk knowledge.

ok bye!


(by the way the older 4 one told me he thought the hair on my head was growing back. i was like, ' do you think? really?!'... and then he stared at my head for a second or so... then said... 'No... not really.. Then he went back to watching tv. I kept looking at him like, 'I can't believe he's already busting on me! What's up with that?! He just totally busted!)