New Pen Storage Pocket

Sometimes when I head into the city I bring a bag with me. Other times I don't bring a bag. But I'm bringing a bag less and less these days. Now that I'm all iPhone-d up I'm having less need because I have stuff to read on the subway all the time and I don't have a separate mp3 player and all that.

But what I do like to carry around is a little notepad and pen so I can jot stuff down or to-do list stuff or whatever. Pocket sized notebook. Bic pen or whatever. (yeah I know there's a notepad in the iphone but I'm not going there).

Anyway yesterday I was heading into the city to meet a friend-- and I realized I have a problem when I travel bagless. What to do with the pen? Notebook can go in pocket. iPhone in pocket. Camera in pocket. Wallet in pocket. But the pen is tough. Like, if I put it in my back pocket I might sit on it, right? Front pocket and I could stab myself in the balls if you fall wrong or something. Shirt pocket is too nerdy. Plus, there's always the fear that the pen is (uh uh huh... pen is = penis!!!) the pen is going to break and ruin stuff or whatever. It's too jabby. Too pointy. Too plastic. Dangerous. Leaky. Etc But I don't like traveling without a pen!

So yesterday I found the perfect place to store my pen when I'm on the go and bagless. My sock. I stuck the thing in the ankle part of my sock and just walked around with it that way! I barely noticed it was there! It stayed in place! Right next to the ankle bone! No threat of it sticking me! No chance it was gonna fall out unless I do a cartwheel! No fear of it breaking because at most I just ruin a sock! And it's not a distraction! It is like the 5th pocket! Perfect pen pocket!

Try it out if you don't believe me! Uh huh! Just had to share...

ok bye!