Dealing with De-Friendship

So the other day I discovered that a friend of mine de-friended me on Facebook. Not sure when this happened. And I'm not sure why. We still hang out sometimes and we are still friendly. But we're not friends on Facebook anymore. I have been booted from the circle and I'm not sure what I did to cause the Facebook offense.

I'm pretty easy going on Facebook. I rarely do status updates anymore (I'm inside alot so my status doesn't really change that much) At most I post a video, update whatever book I'm reading, or add another loss to my Scramble record. Sometimes I give thumbs up to stuff and comment. But I'm not a hyper-poster. And I try to go easy on Facebook self-promotion too. It sometimes feels weird posting a new app to buy or Time toon or whatever. Feels like a fine line when I post something that's all 'Look at me!'-ish. Like I'm trying to sell Amway to my friends or something-- but I guess that's ok. Just gotta pick and choose what qualifies or whatever.

Anyway, I'm sure I used to be Facebook friends with this guy! So I was all WTF?! when I saw I was defriended. At first, I thought maybe it was a thinning of his Facebook herd which people do sometimes. Like, dialing it back to super close friends or family. I get that. But I can still see that many of his 'mutual friends' are people he's barely friends with! But there I stand all out in the virtual rain. Defriended.

Frankly, I honestly (seriously) don't care if we're 'friends' on Facebook or not. I'm just curious to what happened that specific day when I was defriended. Did we fight and it was a backlash? Should I ask? But then again I don't want to give the satisfaction that I know about my defriending--- nor care at all. Plus, I don't even want to 'get into it' because I get scrappy sometimes and it most likely will end in a fight because it would revisit an old fight-- or there might be bad logic at play that I'd be forced to correct.

I've never defriended anyone. But I know it's not something you can't do by accident. It's an intentional thing. (Are you sure? <CLICK>) And yah, I've been defriended before but it's always been for an understandable reason. But should I allow this Facebook discovery to spill into the real world? He is sometimes a strange cat so maybe I should just let it go? Does it really matter? If it's gonna cause problems or tension should I even go there? Because at best I guess he might apologize and 'request' to be my friend again to make nice-- but I'd have to totally deny that request!! Based on principle! Because if we're gonna be friends again the new friend request would have to come from me!

Not that I care...

ok bye!


PS. Yah I realize posting this might be outing the situation but I don't think he reads my site.