The Truth About the iPhone and NYC

So I've been hearing for a long time that AT&T sucks shit. And that AT&T sucks extra shit especially with the iPhone. Dropped calls and bad service and weak connections and all that blah blah. Hearing all those rumors made me worry that after a week of sucky horrible service with my new iPhone-- I would wanna throw the thing in the toilet and make a big doody on it and flush and flush and flush until my toilet overflowed all over the floor and then I would get a frying pan and hit hit hit the iPhone until the doody and iPhone became sort of like an electronic doodified mush. And then I'd have to put it all in a box and mail the doodyphone mush to Steve Jobs with a note that says-- 'This is what the iPhone looks like in spirit. Please wear this on your head. Thank you.' 

But I was relieved after I got the phone because I had pretty much zero problems. Strong connection. Maybe a dropped call here or there but nothing that seemed outrageous. It seemed totally fine. So I was like, "WTF with all the geeky whiners?! This isn't so bad! In fact, it seems pretty friggin good!" I didn't get it...

Then I discovered why it didn't suck for me. I live in Brooklyn. Apparently, these connection problems aren't all over the five boroughs. They're just in Manhattan-- and in Manhattan the problems are soooper bad. Every single time I've gone over the bridge I am greeted by Manhattan dropping whatever call I'm on. Walking around the city is spotty at best. Poor signal. Calls don't connect. I can't get on the internet. I can't check email. Or I walk a block and it's fine. Then I walk another block and it sucks again. It's seriously stunning how bad this phone sucks in the city. Maybe it's a bad luck coincidence but for me it is not possible to use in Manhattan without getting annoyed. (And if I lived in Manhattan I would put this in the toilet and make doody on it and smash it up with a pan and mail it all to Steve Jobs with a note..). I have alot of free time etc...

So there's that. Not sure why I wanted to type that up and blab about such a geeked out thingee. But that's what I done did.

Sorry for all the doodyfied talk.

ok bye!